Fuel For the Road

Hey hey from Morgantown, West Virginia!!!

I skipped out of work early to make the 6 hour drive up here for my race tomorrow, but I had to sneak in a little fun along the way . . .

GH WV trip 009

Yep, I stopped in Charlottesville to visit Kath’s new Great Harvest for lunch!  If the parking lot is any indication, I’d say opening day at Cville Great Harvest is a screaming success!  It was packed! 

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the sweetest girl, offering me a complimentary slice of bread.  I’m pretty sure it was Allie, but I wasn’t 100% positive and I got shy and didn’t ask. Embarrassed smile

But she did recommend a slice of the cinnamon chip, which I slathered in butter and enjoyed alongside a sample of Cville Cluster Granola.

GH WV trip 011

I’ve been to Great Harvest before, but this was I exceptionally good bread.  And I’m not just saying that ‘cuz it’s Kath!  Amazingly doughy and fresh, I absolutely loved it.  I also nibbled on the granola, which was a softer variety that had the perfect amount of sweetness and great richness and crunch from the walnuts.  While I had my snack, I deliberated about my lunch choice.

GH WV trip 010

Everything looked so good, but I settled on the Monticello Garden with lemony hummus, kalamatas, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce on Dakota bread. 

GH WV trip 015

I took it to go since I wanted to get back on the road, but this sandwich was SO.FREAKING.GOOD!!!  I loved the grainy bread and the freshness of the lemon in the hummus!  Not surprising, given how well Kath normally eats that she would have a killer sandwich like this on the menu! Smile

GH WV trip 016

See how seed-y it is???  Yum!  (And please excuse my poorly manicured hands). 

I also saved a little of my cinnamon chip bread for “dessert” on the road.

GH WV trip 019

Excellent decision.  I’m glad I got myself some good grub because the rest of the day was taken up with a lot of this:

GH WV trip 020

A beautiful day for a drive, but I would have rather been out enjoying it!  At least it was scenic . . .

GH WV trip 024GH WV trip 027GH WV trip 031GH WV trip 029

GH WV trip 032

Incidentally, I hate US 33 as a highway.  It’s winding and goes up up up and then back down down down through the West Virginia mountains.  Pretty, yes.  But driving it alone when you can’t look at the scenery but instead have to focus for hours on end to keep your car from careening off the side of the mountain?  Not much fun. 

No worries, though, because I made it in one piece!

GH WV trip 037

Time to scout out a place for dinner!  Dad should be arriving soon!


10 thoughts on “Fuel For the Road

  1. Christine says:

    Looks like a great trip. I’m jealous that you got to Great Harvest on their opening day! Good luck on your race.

    • I will! Like I said, I got a little shy, and I didn’t want to bug you on your busy opening day! But I truly did love every bit of the experience–and especially that you offer half sandwiches! It was the perfect amount and really hit the spot! 🙂

  2. Cinnamon Chip bread!? That would completely and totally rock my world!!

    I love anything bread and cinnamon.. Perfect combination 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about the race!

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