Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll!

All my bags are packed!

The Boathouse 012

I’m working just a half day today so that I can get on the road to West Virginia!  I’m not really looking forward to 6 hours in the car, but I am excited about seeing this guy!

2010 005

It’s my Daddy!  He’s making the trip to WV this weekend, too, to come watch me race!  I can’t wait to see him!

My dad is a great spectator.  He’s genuinely excited for you, takes lots of pictures, and cheers his face off!!!  When I was in high school, he never missed a race.  Right before I would run, he would yell at the top of his lungs, “GO MELISS!!!”  I never heard anyone else cheering for me, but I always heard my Daddy.  It’s one of my favorite memories. 

So not only am I looking forward to my race, but I’m also looking forward to some quality Daddy-Daughter time! 

And now, I leave you with this adorable video that’s giving me inspiration for my race tomorrow.

See ya from Morgantown! Open-mouthed smile


6 thoughts on “Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll!

  1. Danielle Byard says:

    IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF YOU CAN RIDE A BIKE!!! I believe in you Melissa! You are the best bike rider EVER!

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