Extra Monday

Is it just me, or did today feel extra Monday? 


Usually, I don’t mind Mondays, but today Monday was all up in my grill being rather unfriendly.  Not cool, Monday.  Not cool.

The workday seemed to drag more than usual today, so I was more than ready to blow out of there this afternoon!  I hit the trail for a hot but leisurely run.  After 5 weeks of intense training, it was really nice to run just for fun.  I didn’t keep track of my pace, time, or distance; I just ran.  It felt great to just enjoy the trail and let my mind wander.  I had lots to think about!

Today, on Kelly’s blog, she wrote a great post called, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”  This is just what I’ve been working on for myself in the last several months.  To be honest, I’ve had a pretty tough go of it up until this point.  I try to be positive, and I really do try to believe that things will get better, but it’s not easy.  When things are perpetually going poorly, it becomes harder and harder to find the good, or even to believe that good is possible.


All the disappointment and frustration I’ve been feeling about my life is contained in this quote.  I haven’t believed in myself enough.  It’s like that scene in Pretty Woman where he tells her, “I think you are a very bright, very special woman,” and she responds, “The bad stuff is easier to believe.” 

pretty woman

I’m not a hooker, but I feel you, Vivian.

I’ve had countless people in my life tell me how wonderful I am, but I never really take it to heart.  Instead, I get bogged down in all the “bad stuff.”  But deep down, I know it’s true.  There is something special inside of me, and I’m going to grab that feeling and hold on for dear life until I am living it.  You don’t get to be the person you want to be without effort.  I’m just glad I know now who that person is.

Isn’t that a much nicer takeaway from a run than how fast I ran or how far I went?  Open-mouthed smile

I wasn’t feeling anything fancy for dinner tonight.  My blender looked lonely, so I gave it a good workout!


Served up in my favorite smoothie glass to match my positive mood! 

Into the blender went:

1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/3 cup vanilla coconut milk

1 heaping spoonful of almond butter

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 frozen banana

handful of spinach

handful of ice cubes

Blend, baby, blend!  And because I am a lunatic, I slurped down my cool, creamy smoothie in my air-conditioned apartment while decked out in sweats.  Because that makes sense, right?

Hey, look what else happened when I made my Green Monster tonight!


That, my friends, is the beginning of some delicious almond butter oats in a jar!  Now I can’t wait for tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile

I also snacked on some Flatout EdgeOn Crisps on the side.


These are the Sea Salt flavor.  Have you tried them???  They are insanely good!  I swear, these taste just like buttered popcorn!  I had to portion them out into a bowl because they are highly addictive. 

Guess where I got ‘em?  In a care package from my mama, that’s where!


Mom was at Printer’s Row in Chicago over the weekend, so she couldn’t come to watch me race, but it was for good reason.  Her book is now in e-format and print!  So cool to actually hold her book in my hands!

She also sent along goodies for me, including coffee from our favorite local coffee shop, cute earrings, an inhaler (because I am a space cadet and lost mine!), and Flatout crisps!  Flatout’s original bakery is actually in my hometown—how cool is that???  Even though you can get them pretty much everywhere now, I still think it’s pretty cool!  Thanks, Mom, for the great package!  I love it!

Time to get ready for The Bachelorette!  How much do we hate Bentley?!  That guy is the worst.  I swear, this show makes it nearly impossible to have faith that there are any good guys left out there!  But that’s not the way I’m thinking any more, so forget I said that!  Instead I’ll say, I’m sure the guy I end up with is going to be completely wonderful and amazing and will let me do ridiculous things like wear sweats when the A/C makes me too cold and wipe out the sink after every use because I can’t handle it having water in it and eat 3 bowls of cereal at 11 PM when I can’t sleep (not that that ever happens . . . )  We’re shooting for the stars here, people!

If you have the life you want, what helped you to get it?

If you don’t, what are you doing to get there?


17 thoughts on “Extra Monday

  1. Kira says:

    Yeah! Your mom’s book is in print! That’s awesome! Even though I have it on my Kindle, I’ll need a copy. You, know, since I practically know her. ;o)

  2. What a great post Melissa. There is something special inside of you and I hope you never doubt it!

    I’m watching The Bachelorette right now and Bentley is already driving me crazy!

    • It’s amazing what taking care of your body does for your confidence. To me, it’s not even about size anymore, just about how great running and eating well makes me feel. So glad you’re happy, Daniella! You deserve it! 🙂

  3. Loved your post today. Have you ever noticed sometimes when your mind is running all over …. you actually run further? Is that just me? 🙂 Your care package looks super sweet! Awesome mom award!

  4. You ARE a wonderful woman! Even though we know each other only through our blogs, it is so clear just how much love, talent, generosity, and general wonderfulness you have to offer.

    I totally understand that it can be easier to believe that bad stuff because I have a hard time not letting it get me down too.

    In so many ways I do have the life I want. I’m definitely still working on the professional side of things but so far this new venture is going surprisingly well. Personally I’m really looking forward to starting a family once we get settled and secure.


    • I feel the same way, Jenny. We’re lucky that we’ve been able to connect through our blogs–I definitely find you to be an inspiration! I just have to remember that there is no “end game” here; it’s an ever-evolving process towards becoming my best self.

      HUG right back @ya!

  5. That’s a great quote. And I hear you on the hard stuff being easier to believe. As long as you know that you ARE wonderful and great… that’s what counts. I hope that isn’t too hard to believe. 🙂

  6. I LOVE that quote you included: “It’s not who you are that holds you back…it’s who you think you’re not.” What a great, inspirational thought!

    Also – what a great idea to make oatmeal in an almost empty PB jar… What a great way to eliminate waste (or wasted time scraping) & make a tasty treat!

  7. loved your post today. i find a lot of them so inspiring…..i am at a point in my life that i am pretty much miserable, so i am trying to find a place of happiness…..i feel better when i run, when i work out, eat healthy and do constructive things! i recently started going to a new church that i love and every week, i can so relate to the things that are taught…..
    anyway, loved the goodies from your mama! so sweet! and YES , bentley is a JERK….(but it did have really nice hair!)….and i think there are NO good guys out there. (sorry, a little pessimistic on the man front!)….anyway, thanks again for a great inspiring post! xo

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