A New Reality Show

This is all I have to say this morning.

OK, maybe not all . . .

The Bachelorette is seriously bumming me out this season, not just because the guys are pretty lame, but also because Ashley is so dang insecure!  She makes me feel like I’m in great emotional shape, and that’s saying something!  I really hate that the producers are intentionally exploiting her insecurity, too. 

Ashley is obviously a gorgeous girl who has a ton going for her, but, like many of us, she has that needy, insecure piece of herself that creeps in.  Couple that with the fact that she’s being played by the absolutely despicable Bentley, and it’s pretty much reality TV gold.  And I get that, it’s just not fun to watch. 

So here is what I propose: a new reality show.  Instead of someone trying to find their happiness in another person, let’s watch someone try to find happiness on their own, within themselves and who they are, not dependent on someone else.  Because if girls go on that show looking for a guy to make them happy, they’re never going to be truly happy.  Happiness has to come from within, from a place inside of you that no one can take away regardless of where you are or who you’re with.  Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of women are looking for a man to make them happy and then can’t figure out why they aren’t when their guy doesn’t fill that void. 

So what should I call my show?  The Independent?  The Individual?  The Identity? 

Why not have a show about a woman figuring out herself, what she likes and doesn’t like, who she is and what’s important to her WITHOUT a man?  Would that be so awful? 

It’s not that I’m anti-man or even really a feminist.  It’s just that I can identify with what Ashley is going through, and I have the perspective now to know that I am never going to be happy in any relationship until I am happy on my own.  Once that piece settles in to place, I’ll be ready for the rest.  But until then, I’m finding inspiration in other strong, independent women. 

And at the end, instead of roses, you get cute handbags and shoes as a reward for your awesomeness.  Anyone else game?


7 thoughts on “A New Reality Show

  1. Haha, I love the handbag idea!

    I have been single for a few months now & I know I’m not ready to start dating again. I want to truly love myself and figure out who I am before I jump into another serious relationship. I owe it to myself & my future mate.

  2. I’d take on a show where I could win shoes and handbags. I tell my clients that you can’t be healthy in a relationship until you can be healthy with yourself. I think that’s true…so i love your idea of the new reality show:)

    • Let’s do it! I’m thinking we could just call it Girl Power or something and have big groups of single girls do awesome things and generally kick butt. Totally pitching this to ABC. 😉

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