I Heart Veggies & Old People

Nice title, right?  My apologies, I had nothing . . .

Dear God.  I am running myself ragged! 

But I’m staying relatively un-stressed, so I really can’t complain!  And I’m in an extra good mood because I finally got my car back from the body shop today!  YAY!!!  I’m not going to lie—it kind of smells disgusting inside, but the rest of it looks great!  I bought an air freshener—you know one of those tree jobby’s (yes, I just invented a word) that smells so strongly that it about knocks you flat?—so I’m hoping it will eliminate the smell.  Otherwise, some detailing is going to need to occur! 

I also did lots of Bachelorette Party preparations this afternoon, too!  There’s just one more project I’m finishing up tonight, and then I should be set to go!  Since I am completely neurotic like to be prepared, I packed everything up so it will be ready to go after work tomorrow.


Party in a bag, er several bags, BABY!!! Open-mouthed smile

In order to fit everything in today, I went straight to the chiropractor after work (my muscle is still jumpin’ Annoyed), then zipped back home for the sweatiest treadmill run.  I intended to do some combination of intervals to total 5 miles, but after 4, I was DONE.  I think it must be the heat—it was only 101 this afternoon, NBD—even in the air conditioning, it was still a scorcher.  Even after I showered, I was still sweating (hot), but I didn’t have time to slow down and sit in front of the fan because I was due at the car rental place.  I checked the rental in, and the sweetest, most adorable old man drove me to the body shop to pick up my car. 

It should be known that I adore old people.  I just find them so sweet and cute and this man was no exception.  He had on a polo shirt and a ball cap and was looking quite spiffy for his driving job.  Bless his heart, I’m 99% positive he couldn’t hear a word I said and his licensure may have been a teensy bit questionable, but he was the cutest.  I shook his hand when he dropped me off, just in case he couldn’t hear me say thank you.  Seriously.  The cutest.

After I was reunited with my smelly car, I tackled the heck out of my to-do list, which included a stop here:


Please ignore the creepy blue tint.  My camera phone decided to be “artsy” without my knowledge. 

You know it’s a good day when you make a stop at Cracker Barrel!  Why on Earth was I there?  Ah, all will be revealed in due time.  Be right back

I finally realized that it was getting late, and I hadn’t eaten my usual afternoon snack.  I typically hate people who say that they forget to eat, but I seriously forgot to eat.  Weird.  The remedy was use up the random produce and jarred pesto in my fridge Tortellini Pesto Primavera!

OK, so this is a cheating recipe, but it was fast, healthy, and tasty!  If it meets all the criteria, I call it good!

All I did was chop up some leftover veggies: red pepper, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, and broccoli and roast them with pepper and garlic salt for about 20 minutes at 425*. 



I also found some frozen tortellini in the back of my freezer, so I boiled 1/2 cup for 3 minutes, then tossed it with the veggies and 1 heaping soup spoon of jarred pesto.  A little fresh parm shredded on top, and done!


Not an uber-photogenic meal, but it tasted great and my belly is satisfied.  Plus, meals with roasted veggies just make me happy. 


Hi, Veggies!  I Red heart U!

Gotta fly—as I said before, I still have one final project in process . . . I’m doing so well that I would hate to screw up now! Winking smile

What’s your favorite way to use up the leftover produce in your fridge?

I always roast veggies and usually throw them on a salad.  So good, you just can’t go wrong!


7 thoughts on “I Heart Veggies & Old People

  1. There is nothing cheat about that meal it looks wonderfully satisfying, veggie full, and delicious! I am so glad you’re car is back in one piece, sorry about the smell though!

    The heat has been getting to me on runs as well. I don’t mind it too much bec I’m not training for anything right now so I just take LOTS of water and cool off breaks!

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