Call Me Irresponsible

You know why I love blogging?  Because I’ve never even met most of you, and you left me the sweetest, most genuine comments on this morning’s post.  I am so incredibly grateful for your kind words and sincere excitement.  I’m pretty excited myself.  I can’t wait until some details firm up, and I can share more with you!  Thanks for sharing in my happiness!  Y’all are the BEST!!! 

In other news, I was very irresponsible today.

Instead of cleaning my apartment, doing my laundry, and getting a head start on packing for my trip back to Michigan, I went here . . .


I needed some good, lazy pool time.  I didn’t even read or do anything remotely productive while I was there—just zoned out to my iPod and relaxed.  It was awesome.  Not your typical Monday.  I love everything about it.

I soaked up some rays for an hour or so before my tummy started rumbling.  Because I am planning to spend most of the summer in Michigan, I am trying to eat up the food I do have left and not do any major grocery shopping this week.  Enter: frozen pizza.  I know.


In case you were doubting the whole “irresponsible” thing, here’s further evidence.  Not the healthiest dinner, but it has its time and place, no?  I also ate cookies for breakfast, so I guess irresponsibility was the theme of the day. Winking smile

I nabbed this Archer Farms Margherita Pizza from Target a while back when I had a coupon.  For a frozen pizza, the stats actually aren’t too bad. 


I had 2/3 of it for my meal, topped with Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets.  Crunchy, garlicky salt.  I can’t eat pizza without them anymore!


On its own, the ‘za was a little bland, but these bad boys fixed that right up!


Looking at that makes me think I might need to eat a little more.  Yum. 

Over the weekend, Danielle and I were talking about the bugs here in Virginia.  We have both noticed that since the weather has gotten warmer, we seem to be finding dead bugs all over the place.  Ew.


This bug is cute.  My bugs are not.

Tonight I noticed a dead bug on my nightstand, which in and of itself is not cool.  I scooped it onto the carpet so I could vacuum it up, but when I came back it was gone!  I think it’s little bug friends must’ve carted it off or something.  That makes sense, right?  But now I kinda don’t want to sleep in my room.  Is there an army of bugs living under my bed?  Are they holding dead bug burials?  What’s the word on retaliation of dead bugs?  I’m freaking myself out. I don't know smileSad smile

What’d you do today that was irresponsible? 

It’s ok–I promise I won’t tell!


15 thoughts on “Call Me Irresponsible

  1. There’s nothing irresponsible about having some self care and relaxation time! Plus, you’re busy making Vitamin D, which is healthy. So as I see it, today was just a healthy afternoon:) I went to bed about 11 am and took a nap. Oops. This weekend was a huge energy drain, and I dubbed today a self care day for myself too.

  2. Yey for a lazy day! I had a couple over the weekend, so wonderful! 🙂

    I am so glad that you’re going to be seeing your family soon! yey! 🙂
    I love my some frozen pizza! I’ve been lazy the past two days since Nick left for a trip and I’ve dined on TJ’s frozen chana masala last night and sag paneer tonight. I’m determined to cook seitan tomorrow or thursday though 🙂

    You know I hate bugs in the apt after our bed bug crisis. Just make sure you don’t have any stowaways in your suitcases! 😛

  3. I also had a cookie for breakfast. And Swedish Fish. There might have been another cookie at lunch. And then some pretzel M&Ms for some energy before my workout.

    Oh, and I CANNOT sleep when there are bugs in my room. There was a roach I saw once. Tried to get it but he (why are they always hes?) got away. I called the hubs over (then boyfriend) to find it because I couldn’t go in the room. He was NOT amused, but he did come over. I doubt that would ever happen these days. He doesn’t even like getting me a drink from the fridge when he’s already in the kitchen now. heh

    • Well you have to have energy before your workout!

      Get this–the bug? It was BACK (still dead) this morning in a slightly different place. They’re playing with me, I swear. Not cool, bugs. Not cool.

  4. Danielle Byard says:

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