Potato Head

Any Gilligan’s Island fans in the house?  I remember watching rerun after rerun of the show when I was a kid and wishing I could be as pretty as Mary Ann. 

Seriously.  How pretty is she???  I always preferred her to the movie star–guess I’m more of a down to earth glamazon. 😉

Yesterday, a friend emailed me this video of Dawn Wells hawking Idaho potatoes . . . far from Gilligan’s Island, but still darling as ever!  And I love the potato peeling method she’s sharing.  I don’t make potato salad–ever.  Come to think of it, I don’t do much with potatoes in general, but this makes me want to!

So now that we all have this fantastic potato peeling method, tell me what I can do with potatoes!


7 thoughts on “Potato Head

  1. I never peel potatoes either, mostly because I live by the wisdom (even if it’s wrong) that the nutrition is in the skin. But I do indulge in mashed potatoes with zero skin on holidays. And when I say “indulge”, I mean by the bowl full. Mmmmm, carbs.

    • Melissa says:

      I usually leave the skin on, too. My brother makes the best mashed potatoes at holidays–butter, whole milk, and more butter. Mmmmmm indeed!

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