The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Sometimes I think I am a total weirdo. 

And then I realize I’m just awesome. Winking smile 

Today was a half day at school, and not the greatest one at that, so I came home and did what any sensible girl would do. 



And since I had a little extra time before my chiropractic appointment, I hit up the semi annual sales! Open-mouthed smile

Am I the only one who can’t resist these deals?  I mean, all of this for $20?!?!  It would be wrong not to buy it . . .


My bank account said “NO” at Victoria’s Secret, but my heart said . . .


The heart wants what the heart wants, my friends. Red heart


Basically 2 for 1.  You can’t beat that!

{If anyone ever needs someone to come along and be a terrible influence be their shopping buddy, I’m your girl!}

Besides, I deserve treats after a long, hard school year, so I treated myself today. Open-mouthed smile

After my little shopping spree, I made my way to the chiropractor where he used words like “remodeling” to refer to the muscles in my neck and back.  The adjustments feel good and seem to help when I’m there, but overall it seems to be hurting more and not less.  He said it’s all just part of the healing process and the “remodeling” and that I should be good as new in a few weeks.  Now I just have to find a good chiropractor in Michigan to finish the job.  I hope I get fixed up quickly!  Maybe I just need a massage?  I can actually feel where the muscles in my back are swollen.  Thoughts???

When I came home, I felt like I needed a good workout, but wasn’t feeling a run.  I decided to strength train.  I have no idea why.  I hate strength training.


That’s pretty much my expression the entire time I’m strength training.  Not pretty.  I decided that the benefit of strength training at home, however, is that I can talk back to the TV when Jackie Warner says stupid things.

shut up

I do like the convenience of home DVD workouts, but I do get sick of the things the trainers say.  When you’re hearing it for the first or even fifth time, it’s fine.  When it’s the 21st or 25th?  Annoying. 

But then I get a little scared she might hear me somehow. 


Girl is ripped.  I don’t care to look like that, but I can appreciate that kind of dedication.  But I did it!  And now I am super strong and don’t need to lift weights for another month or so, right?  Right.  Glad we agree! Winking smile

Dinner tonight is up in the air since I have pretty meager offerings in my fridge, but I feel obligated to use them up. 

What should I make with:

  • Fresh spinach
  • Coconut milk
  • Feta
  • Pita bread
  • Turkey bacon
  • Plain Greek yogurt

I got nothin’.  Maybe a salad in a pita???  That doesn’t do much for the coconut milk, but it may have to be a vacation casualty. 

Questions for tonight:

Are you a sucker for a deal or can you resist the semi-annual sales?

Do you like workout DVDs?  If so, which ones?  Always looking for something new!

What should I make for dinner?


10 thoughts on “The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

  1. oh my goodness, if I saw a sale like that I would have to take advantage, which is exactly why I can’t go to stores right now! 😛

    Good for you for strength training. I need to get the rest of my 27 minutes for this week in so I’m hitting the weights tomorrow and saturday.

    i think a pita sounds wonderful 🙂

  2. Ooh we are so obviously meant to be friends, that shopping and those treats are just right for me. And I hear ya, I get tired of hearing the same thing out of the trainer’s mouths when I’m doing a video. To the point where I can recite what they say before they say it.

  3. I love the semi-annual sale! Now I want to go shopping. 😉 I hate strength training too…but I would love to be a little more toned.

  4. I just did that DVD this morning. And I’m sore all over. And I get so sick of hearing her say “I know I was feelin’ it after the first couple reps”… yeah and then you quit “to look at everyone else’s form” so I don’t wanna hear it, I am still here sweating and suffering.

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