Preventative Maintenance

Good Monday Vacation Morning to you!

I’ve bitched written many times here about how much trouble I have sleeping.

I can’t fall asleep.

I can’t stay asleep.

I can’t sleep in.

I certainly can’t nap.


Last night was no different.  I couldn’t fall asleep until after midnight.  I woke up around 4 or 5, and practically begged my body to let me fall back to sleep.  It gave in.  Imagine my delight when I awoke and saw 9:10 AM on the clock!!!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!  I slept I slept I slept!

{If I didn’t have a dentist appointment later this morning, I probably would have slept more.}

I don’t plan on sleeping in like this all summer, but my body needs the rest for sure.  Months and months of maaayybe 6 hours of sleep each night is making me look old.  Maybe that’s why people keep calling me “ma’am.”  But that’s a discussion for another time. 

So now, I am sipping coffee from my favorite mug


while enjoying the view of this mild Michigan morning from my parents’ front porch.



But that’s just the front.  On the actual porch, Mom has it set up all quaint-like.


And a mama robin even built her nest in the wreath on the front door.  There were babies in here earlier in the spring, but they flew the coop—literally.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, if I turn to the right, we have the area that Dad has decided to “give back to nature.”  Basically, he just planted a few more trees in the side yard, and then did as little landscaping as possible so as not to upset the existing flora there.


Just a few woodchips along the side.  It provides some nice privacy from the neighbors, too.


With chirping birds and a cool breeze, a quiet morning sipping my coffee out on the porch is a great way to kick off my summer.  Ahhhhh . . . I thought it was going to take me a little longer to relax, but I think I’m getting there.

Today, I’m headed out for some preventative maintenance: a cleaning at the dentist’s office and a physical with my regular doc.  I actually really like my dentist and am excited to go see him.  Since I was in second grade, I have gone to the same guy—he was probably right out of dental school at that point!—and I just love him.  Almost like a second dad or an uncle, he really has watched me grow up.

When I was 9, I chipped my front tooth on the side of our swimming pool and he fixed it for me.  When I was 16 and the same tooth abscessed, he did the root canal and fixed it again.

When I was 27 and broke what little was left of the root on a hard crust of bread (I’m telling you, this kind of thing just happens to me), he was able to install a top of the line dental implant so I didn’t have to walk around like a toothless hillbilly.  Don’t you know having all of your teeth is cosmetic?  Winking smile

Can you tell which of my teeth is a fake???


It fits in pretty well among the others, I think.  Plus, it’s better than the alternative!  No toothless hillbillies around here!

Do you like your doctor or dentist?


11 thoughts on “Preventative Maintenance

  1. Front right tooth. My right, your left. Did I get it?! Did I!? Did I?!

    I am with you on the sleep. Not because I CAN’T sleep but because I’m always doing so much crap I can’t get to bed till after midnight and then I wake up at 6. And that’s when I’m not doing a run in the morning (which I try to limit). I’m getting OLD. Funny you wrote this cuz I just posted on FB today that I need more sleep so people will believe I’m 29. Heh

  2. Your teeth look great!
    I love my dentist!! I started going to her when I moved out to WA and she’s pretty awesome. When you’re in the chair, you get Bose noise-cancelling headphones, access to television or XM radio and cool sunglasses to wear while you’re having your teeth cleaned or work done. I know it seems over the top, but I used to HATE going to the dentist – now I’m so distracted, I hardly notice what’s going on when I’m there!

  3. thesweetestsurrender says:

    I’m glad you finally slept! It’s funny, I always sleep so well, but I haven’t slept in the past few days for more than 4 hours a night. Weird…maybe our energies have switched around. Either way, I should sleep well tonight, this new blog writing stuff had me up until 4AM!

    • You are so sweet, as always. I’m going to be here at least a month, but maybe 2. I have several weddings and wedding-related events (showers, bach parties, etc.), so it makes more sense for me to just hang out for a while.

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