Catching Up

Tonight I enjoyed catching up with an old friend over mojitos.  We had a really good time.  It’s interesting to me how you can completely connect with someone in the present who wasn’t right for you in the past.  I suppose my timing has always been a little bit off.  I’m always grateful for the friendship and connection regardless.  I used to be one who believed that platonic relationships between men and women didn’t truly exist.  I’m not sure that they do, but I’d hate to give up some of my friendships because of that belief . . .


Leftovers and veggies were on the plate for dinner tonight.

I heated up a chicken breast from last night’s salad and sautéed a roma tomato with a few snow peas and spinach for a quick dinner.


Quick and tasty.  Winning!  What?  Is that played out?  You know you still love it! Winking smile

I’m sure you’re super curious so I have to inform you that, shopping this afternoon was largely unsuccessful.  Don’t worry.  I took a couple of awkward dressing room photos just for you.  You’re welcome.


Awesome expression, no?  I thought I liked this dress a lot at first, but then I photographed it, and I’m not so sure.

How about this?


Awkward, what???

Open-mouthed smile

I’m here to entertain you.

How’s your timing? 

Mine typically sucks.  Would you expect anything less???


8 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. #2 dress all the way. Too cute. My best friend is a guy… He’s even friends with the hubs.. So I hope it’s true that we can be real friends. Otherwise I’ve got some sick love triangle going on. Blech.

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