Sick of Myself

Hey, where’ve you been all weekend? 

Oh wait.  Where have I been?

Well, I did stuff. 

Like had pizza and beer.


Went running.

{you’ve seen this movie before}

Drank really good wine.

{again, a rerun}

Did some shopping.

{do you sense a theme here?}

Had a smoothie.


{but this time I put it in a super cute glass}

Made brownies from my grandmother’s recipe.


{Which in all honesty were waaaaay too salty—kind of like her. You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, you say?  You didn’t know this woman. Trust me on this one.}


You know I totally had a brownie sundae anyway.

At the end of the day?  I’m just kind of sick of myself right now.

What a stupid thing to say, right?pretentious

I haven’t done anything new or different—which is totally ok with me—but nothing has been so extraordinary that it rates a whole blog post, so I’m just letting it ride for the time being.  Honestly, I’ve been so neurotic lying awake at night with my brain spinning about stupid things that I can’t even see straight.  Actually, not all of the things are stupid.  Some I really do want to write about, but by the time the next morning rolls around, I’m sick of thinking about them because I did so for 3 hours the night before. 

So for the time being I’m going to go lay by the pool and try to muster up some enthusiasm. 

{I also think my lack of motivation lies somewhere in what I did today, given that it was pretty draining.  I do promise to share that with you tomorrow.}

Since I’m sick of me, please tell me . . .

What fun have you gotten yourself into this weekend?


10 thoughts on “Sick of Myself

  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me! 🙂

    This weekend was half spent in the city doing fun things and half spent at home doing not-so-fun-but-necessary stuff (like cleaning and organizing) – a good mix I suppose though I would have done without the latter part 😉

  2. I love that you called your grandmother “salty”!!! I’d do the same 😉

    Your weekend sounds just fine! We’re creatures of habit most of the time, so it’s natural to do the same things over and over again, especially when you love doing them!!

    This weekend, I cleaned out my fridge, made blueberry muffins, laid in my hammock, went to a tractor pull, cleaned the kitchen about a million times, played with my dog…that’s about it! Nothing too crazy 🙂

  3. Danielle Byard says:

    HAHAHAHA!! FUnny pic! I hadn’t seen that one 🙂
    What did I do this weekend? Gone crazy finishing up DIY projects! But just finished watching TRUE BLOOD!! YAY!! Season has started! aka..i can’t ever talk from 9-10 Sunday nights 😉
    See you in 4 days! xo

  4. Had a brownie sundae too. Also watched True Blood season premiere. No pizza or beer though. Highlight of my weekend was hanging out with my cousin and her kids; she dropped off her two kids. I have three and all five left me alone for two hours. Ahhhhh…

  5. i had a chocolate covered strawberry sundae as well! and what is that you ask?? heaven ! it’s a warm brownie (filled with chunks of chocolate, fresh strawberries, vanilla custard and whipped cream on top) oink oink!!!

    i smile because we are a lot alike. i lay in bed, and think and think and re-think again…i cant ever fall asleep. its like my mind never stops. i take benadryl when i know i can sleep in because that i know will knock me out for a few hours. yeesh. yes, i am a benadryl junkie!! lol….

    still love reading your posts, even if it’s stuff you have done a 1000 times!!!

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