My Best Friend’s Wedding

How do you even begin to describe the wedding of one of your best friends?  All weekend long, I have been telling people that it was “amazing,” but that seems oddly generic.  “Amazing” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to how I feel about witnessing the union of my friends in marriage. 

The thing about wedding days that’s so funny to me is that you wake up, and it’s just like any other day, but it’s not.  I’m sure that concept will seem even bigger to me someday when I get married myself, but even to share in that day with a close friend helps me to understand the weight of it. 

While the boys piled in the car early to go golfing . . .


Us girls lounged at Danielle’s parents’ house and began preparations!  We starting by outfitting the ring bearer with her costume.


She looks a little skeptical here, but I assure you Poey is a great sport when it comes to costumes.  She was ready to rock!

Then the hair and makeup crew showed up to beautify the bride and maid of honor!

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 073Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 075

I love this one of Danielle telling this very made-up woman that she wants to look natural. Open-mouthed smile

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 074

She did a fabulous job, but her face was P.A.I.N.T.E.D. on!  I would have been nervous about looking natural, too!  Danielle looked absolutely stunning by the time she was done.

Then it was time for the rest of us to get ready while Amanda, the Maid of Honor, and Renee, Danielle’s mom, got the details in place!


Oh, and we had to have some lunch in there, too!


I like Renee’s priorities!  She poured a little bubbly while Amanda put the finishing touches on her speech.


To me, this is when the excitement really starts to happen—all dressed and ready to go, it feels REAL!

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 078

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 084

When we arrived at The Mansion at Oak Hill for the ceremony, the rest of the group went to take pictures with the photographer while I checked on the groom.  He wasn’t nervous. Winking smile

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 088Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 089

Finally, it was time to begin!



I love it when brides have both parents walk them down the aisle.  So sweet!427

Danielle’s friend, Andrea, was the officiant, and the mothers also read a blessing during the ceremony.  Bryce and Danielle each wrote their own vows to one another as well.  All the little touches gave it such a personal feel.


Danielle’s mom also had dimes sprinkled along the aisle in memory of her grandfather, Pap Pap, who had always given her dimes as a little girl.  Even to this day, whenever she finds a dime, she knows Pap Pap is with her. 




Time to party!  Renee and Andrea wasted no time. Winking smile


The bride and groom shared their first dance and cut the cake to kick things off.



I also took on the role of personal fanner for Bryce while Danielle’s dad went to get him a new shirt.  Did I mention it was HOT?


And then we all enjoyed amazing plates filled with appetizers!

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 123Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 124

I loved this way of having dinner rather than doing a plated, sit-down dinner.  It was much less fussy, and there was plenty of food.  Plus, it was incredibly delicious!

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 125

Sweetheart table. Red heart

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 122

I also got to hang out with this little man while his parents ate their dinner.

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 128

Only 3 months old, Nathan is the happiest, sweetest baby.  He was so good while his mom played Maid of Honor.  Amanda’s husband, Brett, is great with him, too.  They are the sweetest little family!


Andrea and I with the obligatory self-portrait.  She was my date, after all! Smile

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 121

I really felt it important to fuel before all the dancing, so I had cake . . . which I forgot to photograph because I was busy devouring it.  Here’s me posing with my third (don’t judge) piece of wedding cake.  Strangely, the cake didn’t actually make it into the photo.

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 134

But my disturbingly long thumb did.  Seriously, does it not look finger-length here?  Yikes!

Then, oh then . . .

470The real party began!

467Good thing these people know how to have a good time!





I think it’s safe to say we got down with our bad selves!


And suddenly, it was time to say goodbye with a sparkler sendoff!



But not totally goodbye because my friends like to party!  A smaller group of us met out at the bar post-reception to hang with the newlyweds in a little more.


{And yes, I did remove my belt.  Too much cake.  So sue me!}

I have never seen Danielle so happy.  She was glowing!


Cheers to Danielle and Bryce!  I love you both!  You deserve every bit of happiness and more.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.  Thanks for letting me share in it! XO


8 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. Danielle Byard says:

    Oh my gosh..I LOVE this post! So happy I jumped on before we leave for a week. I love you I love you I love you. YOu made me feel so much more normal than I would have felt if you were not were Johnny on the spot the entire time. Thank you for sharing it all with us. We are soooo lucky to have you in our lives…talk to you soon…xo!! MUAH!!

  2. Renee Byard says:

    Not only are you a GREAT friend, you know how to capture a picture and tell a story! BEAUTIFULLY, I might add~

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