Post Wedding Brunch

Last but not least of the wedding recaps . . .

{You can read about the rehearsal dinner and the big day if you need to catch up!}

. . . a post-wedding brunch!

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 149

With so many out of town guests, it just made sense to keep the party going on Saturday morning with a brunch.  Neighbors, friends, and family all helped out to put together a surprisingly stress-free brunch!

There were wraps and mini desserts . . .

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 144Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 145

As well as 2 different egg casseroles.  I was all over this veggie dish!

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 151

And my love affair with the cake continued as well.

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 147

I know I already told you that I had 3 pieces at the wedding, but it was hard to keep myself to just one taste at the brunch!  So deliriously good!  Typically, I couldn’t care less about white cake, or any dessert with lemon in it for that matter, but I am still dreaming of this stuff! 

Danielle & Bryce's Wedding 148

Along with all that, there were bagels and cream cheese, a fresh fruit salad, and a veggie platter.  Everyone else enjoyed mimosas and bloody mary’s as well, but I stuck to good ol’ H2O since I had a 4 hour drive ahead of me.  See?  I am responsible! Open-mouthed smile

It was also a lot of fun to see the two of them again the next day.  I always think it’s so weird when couples “disappear” after a wedding.  Like somehow now that they’re married they become this enigma of wedded bliss or something.   


{PS—we asked Danielle how it was to lose her virginity.  Very very traumatic. Winking smile}

I’m a little sad that my wedding recaps are over now!  Being a part of any wedding is always exciting yet stressful at the same time, but I really enjoyed spending this time with Bryce and Danielle and their families and friends.  I feel like they’re my own now! 

Back to regularly scheduled programming (and eating, oof!) tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Post Wedding Brunch

  1. awwww what a fantabulous weekend of wedding bliss and yummy food!! glad you had a great time!! i just died laughing at the virginity comment!! so funny!! enjoy your 4th of july holiday!! xo

  2. Renee Byard says:

    As the former MOB to the MOW (mother of the wife), otherwise known as the best mother-in-law EVER! I can attest that the virginity loss was indeed *very* tramatic~ 😉
    Seriously, Melissa was indeed, such a pleasure to meet in person. Although, from this wonderful blog, I almost felt as though, I’ve known her for quite some time. It was great fun spending time with you in person! Danielle and Bryce couldn’t have met a more fun and deserving friendship. THANK you for attending and being Danielle’s friend and participating in this wonderful celebration~

  3. You’re so right about when couples leave the wedding:) I love when couples choose to have brunch the next day. It’s a fun way to end the weekend:)

  4. Mmmm, the food looks beautiful. I bet the bride & groom are going to love reading your recaps. It will be nice for them to back.

    IF…I ever get married I definitely want a brunch the next morning for my close family & friends.

  5. The brunch spread looks amazing! Looks like I have a lot of posts to catch up on — and from what I’ve seen so far, what an amazing wedding! Everyone seems so genuinely happy and excited, I love it. 🙂 You’re such an awesome friend!

    I’m the same way with white and lemony cakes — not usually interested. Until I taste an amazing one. And then it’s all I ever want to eat ever again in my life!!

    We had a lot of out of towners for our wedding, so we had a brunch after the wedding. I remember being SO tired, because after we “rode off into the sunset” (on a golf cart!), we put our swimsuits on and went back to the pool and stayed up all night swimming and hanging out with our friends and family!! So much fun, but I was super tired at brunch!!

  6. Renee Byard says:

    Awww….thank you for documenting the wedding weekend~ The pictures are GREAT! It’s nice to sit back and enjoy everything that I was too busy to appreciate! Thank you AGAIN….for all that you did to help! IT is sooooo appreciated! xo

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