To Caffeinate or Not to Caffeinate

First thing’s first—in catching up in my blog reading last night, I came across an amazing giveaway on Jenny’s blog! She’s giving away breakfast cookies and brownie bites! You don’t have to ask me twice—I want in! Check it out! Smile

Now, onto today . . .

To coffee or not to coffee? That is my question for you this morning friends.

Remember how I told you I was giving up coffee? Today is day 6, and I’ve gotta tell you, it’s been rough.


Maybe I’m being a little over-dramatic. It hasn’t been that bad. But every afternoon between 3 and 5, I hit the wall. Hard. It’s not fun, and I feel pretty useless once it happens. My brain is essentially mush.


On the other hand, I am falling instantly to sleep at a reasonable hour. I usually wake up once during the night to go to the bathroom (because I am 100 years old), and then I’m awake for about 20-30 minutes in the middle of the night. But I wake up feeling refreshed, and I’m getting about 8 hours of sleep each night—amazing!

So, my conundrum is this: Do I continue to stay off the coff (couldn’t resist) because I’m getting good sleep even though I feel like crap in the afternoon? I mean, what’s the point of sleeping if I don’t feel awake for the entire day? On the other hand, getting good rest is important to my overall health. But, I miss my coffee and it would be nice to not feel like I got hit by a truck come 3 PM.001What to do? What to do? Please assist, as my capability to make a decision about anything in my personal life seems to have taken a hike now that I have important work-related decisions to focus on.

Speaking of work . . . time to go do that thang! I’ll be enjoying some oats this morning while that happens. You don’t mind a recycled pic of that do you? We all know what oats look like around here anyway. Smile


By the way, I never got a chance to mention the guest post I did last week on Rachael’s lovely page. If you’re in a running funk, check it out!

Oh, and Happy Friday! Open-mouthed smile

Weigh in: what should I do about this coffee situation???


18 thoughts on “To Caffeinate or Not to Caffeinate

  1. Oh man, I don’t think I could give up coffee…props to you! I think that you should stick with it a little while longer since you are sleeping better! I’m guessing that after a little bit you’ll stop feeling like you hit a wall in the afternoon.

  2. I’m so glad you like the giveaway M! Don’t forget to enter for posting a link! 🙂

    I had the hardest time giving up caffeine but I combined it with coming home for the holidays so I got out of my typical caffeinated environment. I still crave it from time to time and have tea or a decaf but overall I feel MUCH better without coffee. I say stick it out a week or two longer and see how you feel. If not just gradually adjust to decaf as it still has a bit of caffeine.

    Best wishes with your work! 🙂

  3. Sorry, but I don’t have any sort of advice for you about the coffee thing…except to ask are you drinking enough water? Honestly, water is my coffee! When I’m starting to feel drowsy at all or yawn, I reach for my water and in a matter of minutes, I feel so much better! I definitely recommend drinking as much of it as you can…like 150 oz a day like I do 🙂 Okay, maybe not! Then, I wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee…sometimes twice! So you’re not the only one!!!

  4. ahhh. i have to say, after reading your post about quitting cold turkey, i have considered it. my sleep patterns are HORRIBLE. i dont sleep. unless i medicate myself on benadryl and somehow that is probably not healthy. in addition i LOVE coke zero, which i have quit drinking before cold turkey, but i am back on that. i LURRRVE my coffee. i dont necessarily need it for the pick up, i sincerely love the taste of it. esp. my blueberry crumble. with that being said, i mentioned to my friend and she suggested 1/2 decaf. 1/2 regular….do you think that might help? i know i need to cut out the coke zero. i drink it too late and that’s a problem. oh well. let me know if you find a solution!

  5. Have you tried drinking water in the afternoon? Or sometimes taking a walk and moving helps me wake up. I think it happens to most of us.

  6. I try to just have one cup of coffee in the AM to wake me up and then drink water and tea throughout the day! It seems to work for me! And I usually sleep great!

  7. I don’t drink coffee, so unfortunately, I don’t know how much help I can be. Sorry. 😦 I used to drink capuccinos while I was busy studying a lot, but I’ve since abandoned it. It’s easy for me to say give it up though — because I’m just looking for a job right now. Maybe have a cup in the am for now? And then once you get more comfortable with the job responsibilities in coming days/weeks, you can think about nixing the coffee altogether?

    Happy FRIDAY! 🙂

  8. I love coffee! I try to drink it only 3-4 days a week so I don’t get addicted. I wonder if your body will come to more of an equilibrium if you give it another few days? If not, you’ll have to figure out if it’s better to have an afternoon slump or a good night sleep. Overall health wise, I’d say sleep. Personally… I do love my coffee:) what if you drank half decaf and half caffeinated. You’d still get a cup of coffee, but half the caffeine. Maybe then you could have the best of both worlds?

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