Family Favs

I sort of hate it when I look at the clock and feel like I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. I know I’ve been busy doing things this morning, I just don’t feel like I’ve crossed anything off the to do list! Time for a got done list, I guess! Smile

Last night, I opted out of posting in favor of spending some quality time with the fam. My grandparents, my sister, my brother, and his girlfriend all came over for a family BBQ and I just couldn’t bring myself to sit in front of the computer instead of spending time with them!


We all got a kick out of my brother’s t-shirt. He manages a hydroponic plant store, and I just had to get a photo of him in that shirt! Also, why did he get the best hair in the family? Totally not fair. I have this poufy half curly half straight garbage going on, my sister’s is pin straight, and brother gets the gorgeous curls. Jerk.

For dinner, Mom and Dad teamed up to make some family favs: BBQ chicken, sweet corn on the cob, and wilted lettuce salad.

012Food tastes a lot better when dads grill it. Just a little observation . . .

And this wilted lettuce salad? Holy delicious! My mom used to make this every summer when we were kids, but I hadn’t had it in years. It’s got a great sweet and sour thing going on with dressing made from bacon drippings and apple cider vinegar. You pour the warm dressing over the greens and it gets all wilty and fabulous. I easily put away 3 helpings! And it’s salad, so that’s totally fine. We’re overlooking that whole bacon drippings thing.


My little sis made us the cutest, sprinkliest cupcakes for dessert, too!


I restrained myself and only had one, plus a ginormous tiny bit of leftover frosting on the side. I could take or leave the cake, but I’m alllllll about the frosting! Open-mouthed smile

After such a fun night, it was kind of a bummer to have to wake up bright and early this morning to go to the dentist. Oh yes, back to the dentist I went. See how happy I was to be going?


So after the dentist plunged 2 giant syringes of Novacaine into my jaw—he got me right on the nerve, too, what luck!—he proceeded to fix the teeth that needed attention. Then, he told me to bite down really hard and grind the teeth around. Unbeknownst to me, I bit down really hard—on my tongue. Which was completely numb. And is now in shreds. Good thing I was numb when it happened, but now that the numbness has worn off, it just plain hurts. Boo. I mean, at least help me out and move my tongue out of the way, guy. It’s not like I knew I was about to bite the bejeezus out of it!

Smoothie bowl to the rescue!


Cool and creamy, this was about the only thing that appealed to me after that nonsense. At least it was tasty! I did a pretty standard HHH smoothie:

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • splash coconut milk
  • frozen banana
  • fresh strawberries
  • frozen peaches
  • 2 handfuls of ice

I am not all that adventurous when it comes to smoothies. I like what I like and just stick with that, ya know?

Since I was up so early this morning, I was also able to get in a 5 mile run around town and cross a few errands off my list before working. Working from home is interesting. I like it, but I also miss the structure of having to be at a certain place at a certain time. It’s nice to have some flexibility, though. This week is sort of quiet because a lot of the people I report to or need to meet with are out of town, so I am in a bit of a holding pattern. It’s driving me kinda crazy . . .

Do you work from home? Have you ever? What are your tips for the newbie over here???


6 thoughts on “Family Favs

  1. bubblymel says:

    Your Brother’s shirt is hilarious!!! I can not work from home I get too distracted plus having a gorgeous Toddler around is a distraction in it’s self!! Hope you got some good work in and I hope your tongue feels better soon!!!

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