I’ll Miss . . .

Sunday night when I got home from the wine whirlwind bachelorette weekend, I was a little bummed. Not because I had a bad time at the party, but because it was my last night at home with my family before heading out to DC. I know I’ll get to see them again in a month, but it was bittersweet to say goodbye.

We made the best of it with a beautiful meal on the deck—because that’s how we do!


On the menu: a gorgeous caprese salad with cherry tomatoes from our tomato plant and fresh basil from the herb garden.


And filet mignon wrapped in bacon with Michigan sweet corn on the side!


Oh, how I will miss these dinners!


And this wine!


This particular bottle was made the year I graduated from high school. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!

But most of all, I’m going to miss these faces!



I’m trying not to think about it. Too sad!

Do you live near your family?

If you do, I’m super jealous! Smile


6 thoughts on “I’ll Miss . . .

  1. I live a mile away from my in-laws and a little over an hour from my parents. I love being this close to my mom because we can always meet halfway for lunch and pedicures. BUT she is moving to Charlotte whenever they sell their house, so I’m going to be feeling your pain then!!!

  2. Aw honey, I’m sorry! It’s tough leaving such wonderful family members — your fam looks awesome. I miss my family, too! I know how it feels to live away from the people and friends you love the most — but you’re on an exciting adventure! All of my family members live in TX (and my bro in Ohio)…but they should be visiting CA often!

  3. bubblymel says:

    Oh I’m sad for you! Your family looks awesome!!! I live interstate from my family and I miss them too, I have my sis over here but she is nearly a 2hr drive away!!! So we have to carefully plan catch ups as we are both so busy! Good luck starting your job in DC!

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