Wine Whirlwind

What a fun weekend we had celebrating our bachelorette!


We arrived “Up North” at the Homestead near Glen Arbor, MI on Friday afternoon. Our friend Katie’s in-laws have a condo there and graciously let us take over for the weekend for our party! Check out the view of Lake Michigan from the deck!


Friday was a pretty relaxing day spent catching up on the beach and out to a low key dinner. Some of the girls did try a “Ski Shot” on Friday night at the lone bar in town. Basically, they have cups attached to an old ski. They line up the shots in the cups, and then 4 people have to do the shot all at once.


I didn’t partake, but you better believe this got the attention of the entire bar! They were clapping and cheering the girls on! I’m willing to bet it was the highlight of the weekend for quite a few of this small town crowd. Winking smile

Saturday morning, us stupid hardcore runners were up and at ‘em for a sweaty 5 miler. It was more like swimming than running with the humidity. Not kidding. See?


It was a pretty good thing we got a run in, though, because there was a lot of wine to be drunk that afternoon.

Yep, WINE! Did you know Michigan has wine country? The northwest part of the lower peninsula is dotted with wineries that actually make some pretty tasty wines! We rented a limo and saddled up for a wine whirlwind!


Our first stop was Good Harbor Vineyards where they had the most delicious cherry wine! 039

This area in Michigan is also well-known for its cherries and while I’m not usually a sweet wine fan at all, this cherry wine was delish! Just like a tart cherry pie!


And isn’t the outside so cute?


After a successful first tasting, we were ready to really start the party! Onto the next winery, 45 North.

Who doesn’t like a winery that has cornhole set up outside???


Plus such cute details on the outside.


I really liked the wines at 45 North. Usually, I’m a bigger red wine drinker, but Michigan isn’t exactly known for its reds. They had a hard cider here that was really tasty as well as a sparkling peach wine that was SO tasty!


Knowing that anything I bought would be sitting in my car for a few days while I’m in DC was a big deterrent. I really would have liked a bottle or 2 from 45 North, but I didn’t want it to go bad in the 100 degree heat. Oh well. My tastes were tasty! Open-mouthed smile046

Winery #2 down and feeling pretty good all around, we hit up Tandem Ciders next just to mix things up.


Cute, right? While I didn’t really care for any of the ciders here, they did have one variety that made us all giggle.


Yep, that’s a cider called “Scrumpy Little Woody.” And the tasting notes include something about a “ripe cock’s leg?” Hmmmm . . . funny? Yes. Appealing? Not so much.

The space inside was really cute and homey, though, and it was a fun stop.


The next winery was a little further north, but it was so worth the drive. Check out the view at Leelanau Cellars!


Could it be any more gorgeous?


We really liked the wines at Leelanau Cellars, too, but the White Sangria was everyone’s fav! Only $12 for a huge jug!


And they decorate the display bottles with ribbons! Feels like a party to me!


I think I was the only one that didn’t buy the white sangria here. I really wanted some! Sad smile

At least I could continue tasting! Onto Black Star Farms!


They had a lot more reds to try here, so I liked that, but none of them really held up to the California Cabernets I love so much. I tried to love them (hey, a girl’s gotta taste what a girl’s gotta taste!), but they weren’t my fav.

What I did love, though, were the sparkling wines at our last stop, L. Mawby.


L. Mawby features only sparkling wines and a lot of them have “adult themed” names, like Sex and Wet—perfect for our bachelorette! Open-mouthed smile


The scenery was absolutely gorgeous at L. Mawby, too.


For only $5, we were able to get 2 full glasses of wine and an herbed goat cheese appetizer to share. It was a fantastic deal!


We soaked up the ambiance at our last winery before heading back to the condo.


The perfect way to end our tour! They have really cute glasses at L. Mawby and I was really tempted to take mine with me.


But then I saw this:


They must’ve known I was coming! Message received! Smile

After a day of steady drinking, we were all pretty wiped out. We had a little lingerie party and played a game at the condo before heading out for a quick dinner in town. And then we got really crazy.


Aaaaaannnnddd we were in bed by 11. Good thing we were all on the same page!

Even though I was a bit nervous about the whole weekend going in, it ended up being fine. And while there are some aspects of weddings that I don’t choose for myself, I can certainly see why they are important, especially after listening to my girlfriends who are already married with kids. Having a weekend or even a night out with friends is practically unheard of, so setting aside this girl time—something that I easily take for granted because I can do it whenever—suddenly makes sense from their point of view! Listening to my friends talk this weekend, I realized just how different my life is from theirs. Not better or worse, just different. I’m really glad I went in with an open mind and spent more time listening than talking. I think I learned something about these friends and their lives that I hadn’t really thought much about before. It was good for me!

When was the last time an experience changed your mind about something?


9 thoughts on “Wine Whirlwind

  1. I’m a big baby, so almost everything I do changes my mind about something…to movies I don’t want to see or weird trips my husband wants to do that I think sound lame. Good thing he drags me along! 🙂

  2. bubblymel says:

    Looks like you had heaps of fun!! Oh seeing you gals all dressed in summery dresses, really makes me miss Summer winery tours!!! It is winter here and I cannot wait for it to be over I want to be able to wear jeans and a t-shirt again!! So glad you had a good time, I am one of those married with child persons and I do take any chance I get to have some girly time!!

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