Fruit Fight

Once again, I have been a bad student and am submitting my Summer Photo Challenge picture late this week.

This week’s assignment was “fruit.” Given that I ate fruit right before I got sick, I wasn’t all that excited about photographing fruit. Shocker, right?

I seem to be on the mend this morning, but I haven’t made up with fruit just yet.


Anyway, because fruit and I are in a bit of a fight at the moment, I’m recycling a photo from my trip to Seattle’s Pike Place Market back in April. The star of this photo? Red Hearted Plums. These may just make me soften my feelings toward fruit once again.

Seattle 4 045

For me, heart-shaped things fall into the same category as anything mini. Everything is cuter if it’s mini or heart-shaped. Or both.

I have had a busy morning of wasting a lot of time on Pinterest working, so it’s time to get back to it!

Have you ever gotten turned off to a food because you got sick on it?

My fruit fight is all that comes to mind at the moment . . . I tend to block out illnesses shortly after they occur.


7 thoughts on “Fruit Fight

  1. I don’t eat raw anything anymore after I got food poisoning from a tuna roll. Just the thought of eating anything raw churns my stomach now. It’s like my taste buds turned off.

  2. I had an *awful* experience at my mother-in-law’s house one after eating some soupy shrimp concoction with red sauce! Got super sick — as in up all night sick! I avoided all shellfish for almost a year after that thinking I was allergic, but now I’m fine to eat shrimp! Sorry if that was TMI, lol! Anywho, hope you’re feeling all better, love!

  3. Becca says:

    Once in elementary school I had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast even though I didn’t feel too well. I ended up throwing up because I was sick, but I was convinced it was from them. Still can’t really eat them.

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