On the Hunt

Happy Friday, folks! Open-mouthed smile

I have a crazy busy day today—lots of errands, working, and apartment hunting! Yep, I’m on the hunt for a new place. I need to move in just a few weeks, so it’s crunch time. I could stay in my current place, but I kind of hate the location. It’s not near anything I want to do or anywhere I want to go, and there aren’t many good places to run around here. Plus, I’d like a place that’s a little bit bigger so I have room for an office space. Working from home is great, but I think it could easily take over my living space if I’m not careful.

I’ve got several places in mind to check out, and most if not all of them fit my these criteria:

  • Townhouse/Condo style floorplan—so it feels more like a house!
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Washer/dryer
  • Lots of good trails/sidewalks to run on
  • Parking
  • Outdoor space: patio or balcony
  • Pool & Fitness Center (not sure about this one)

Even though I have a good sense of what I want, the location is still pretty up in the air. Richmond has a lot of great “city” neighborhoods where you can walk to dining and shopping, but parking can be a problem, and I worry about noise from students. On the other hand, there are a lot of great townhouses in the suburban area surrounding the city, but then you lose out on the character of a home. It might be time to consult the Magic 8 Ball.


Here’s hoping I find what I’m looking for—even if I’m not entirely sure what that is! Winking smile

I was up and at ‘em bright and early this morning to beat the heat (sort of) for a 6 mile run. After being sick sick sick, I think I’m finally getting back to full capacity. It was still pretty hot and the humidity made it hard to breathe, but I felt decent all things considered! Victory!

I grabbed a quick breakfast of my new favorite: a whole wheat bagel thin with crunchy peanut butter and flax seed.


I typically have a hard time eating much after running, so this was the perfect amount this morning.

Off to tackle that to-do list so I can get my weekend on!

Have the best day! Open-mouthed smile


4 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. I’m sure you’ll find a great place with what you’re looking for — your list of requirements sounds reasonable to me! I’ve always thought that living in Northern Virginia would be really fun — even Alexandria, but I know that’s a bit far from the city. Anywho, fingers crossed you get that extra bedroom for visitors! (look at me being all selfish!) On an unselfish note, good luck on the search and I hope you find everything you’re looking for and more! 🙂

  2. Ooooh, I love moving to new places! Not so much looking at them because I have a hard time deciding. I’m cheap so I usually go cheap with the most closet space in the bathroom. This is my criteria. Lame. I wish I would have thought about jogging trails and stuff when I was actually looking. We will need a full tour of the new place, thank you.

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