14 thoughts on “Eating Account

  1. You have a very nice, healthy balance with your eating. Mine is much more calculated and I’m working on being more like you. I admit that I’ve gotten much better at listening to myself and what my body truly needs/wants. A goal of mine is to go to a restaurant and order what I’m craving in the moment. The norm for me is to scan the menu for what I believe is the lightest option and includes some sort of lean protein, which isn’t necessarily what my body wants at the time. My mom used to HATE if she asked if I was hungry and I would look at the clock to give her the answer. I am a work in progress…. 😉

    • That’s a great goal! I used to be a calorie counter and have much more of a calculated approach, but once I got it right, I found that this works much better for me. Don’t give up–I know you’ll get there! 🙂

  2. I love your eating account concept! I struggle with what to eat because of my tummy issues, but hopefully that will change soon when I make an appt with a new gastro doc. For now, I just try to stay away from dairy and limit alcohol consumption as much as I can (totally just had a marg yesterday!), recognizing that life is too short to limit all of my favorite yummies…especially until I know exactly what to do for the stomach to heal. Anywho, I love your balanced approach — bravo! And um, those blondies look AMAZING!! 🙂

  3. Well, well, I see you busted out my favorite picture. And I KNOW you know which one I mean. Glad to see it’s getting replay.
    And as for my eating approach…I count calories or points, or whatever I’m doing that month. I don’t particularly like it but it tells me when I’m about to overeat for the day so I can slow down. And usually all my meals are light. Smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, a few different types of snacks for dinner. The extra calories for me come from sweets and I’m really bad at that. I should have more in my meals and less sweets in my snacks. It doesn’t help that I just discovered Baby Ruth’s are good.

    • It deserved more air time, I agree.

      Honestly, I would rather eat a salad or a smoothie and then have a giant piece of cake. How’s that for balance? I try not to do it allllll the time, but there are times when it’s very necessary. Have you ever had a Take 5 bar? Those are my candy bar kryptonite.

      • Take 5 bars are so GOOD! I used to beg my dad to get them to hand out at Halloween, along with Reese’s cups… That way, we’d have all the leftovers to ourselves. 😉

        I like your checks and balances approach – I hadn’t thought of it that way. I guess you could say my Eating Account is a little in the “red” for the week. 😦 But I have the rest of the week and next week to make up for it!

  4. All of this look so delicious! I’m still working on finding a way of eating that works for me. I feel like I’ve spent so many years over analyzing what goes into my face that I don’t even know what is right or wrong anymore. Mostly I’m just trying to be healthy without denying myself the things I really want…it’s a work in progress!

  5. bubblymel says:

    I’m a calorie counter!! It get’s annoying at times but it is so ingrained in me now I kinda can add up in my head and still be reasonably ok! When you are cooking for your family it is hard to keep the portion control going. But I’m like you in the sense that I’ll eat my meal and if I am still hungry after 20 minutes or so than I’ll have something else. I do like your method though!! It’s all about listeniong to your body!

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