To Weigh or Not to Weigh

I know pretty much every post I write lately begins this way, but man am I busy! This week has been jam-packed with work, travel, seeing friends from school, and even a date! (!!) No time to do, well, anything it seems. The good news is, I really like my job. Really really. So even though I have a crazy ton of work to do, it’s work I like so I don’t mind it.

Since I haven’t had much time to blog, I wanted to share a post today that I wrote in my first week of blogging that I thing brings up an important discussion, but that didn’t get much attention because no one even knew my blog existed. I promise to be back with some fresh material soon, but for now, weigh in if you will. (<—sorry, couldn’t help myself!) Winking smile

To weigh or not to weigh?  That is my question for you today!

I used to be in the weigh-myself-every-single-day-sometimes-many-times-a-day camp.  Every morning, I would hop out of bed straight onto the scale.  Of course, I couldn’t forget to go to the bathroom first because God knows there had to be at least half a pound I could get rid of by simply peeing!  (TMI?  Sorry!)  I would tip-toe up to it, & say a little prayer.

Like a good little scale-slave, I based my day on the number that flashed above my toes.  If it was my happy number (Or lower! Oh joy!), I was a happy girl.

Who ME?!?!

YAY! I am thin today!

If it was above my happy number, I was a devastated, cranky wreck.  I would proceed to beat myself up all day long, determined not to eat anything that could possibly be unhealthy or make that bastard scale number number creep up.  After eating very little all day long, I would come home & weigh myself again.  If the number was lower than it had been in the morning, I had succeeded.  I could continue on with my day without guilt.  If not, more self loathing.  A longer workout followed, which naturally I suffered through because I had no fuel!  By the time I got home for dinner, I was STARVING!  But I couldn’t have dinner yet!  No no no . . . the scale was calling me.  Perfect little scale slave stripped down & held her breath.  Had my food restrictions & over-exercising paid off?  Typically, yes.  But at what cost?  Even when I was eating full, healthful meals & exercising daily, I based my mood, & my self worth, on that little number.  It was madness.

And sadness.

I am a very private person by nature, so I didn’t share this struggle with anyone.  I had to have a “Come to Jesus” of sorts with myself in order to kick this bad habit & move towards a happier self.

I tossed the idea around.  Could I really get rid of my scale? So much of my life hung on this habit of obsessively weighing myself.  What could happen? I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, so logically, I knew that nothing bad could actually happen.  How will I know if I’m thin enough? When I asked myself this question, I had my answer.  Time to stop being a frickin’ lunatic!  The scale went unceremoniously into the dumpster.

It was liberating.  I was FREE!!!! Free at last!  I have never in my life frolicked, but if there was ever a frolic-worthy moment, that was it.  Honestly, I haven’t looked back.

I wasn’t immediately healed or anything.  There was definitely a learning curve with this no weighing myself business.  But eventually, I settled into a new routine, minus the scale.

And I would be lying if I said I don’t have days where I feel down about my body.  Some days, I wake up, look in the mirror & think, “How can anyone be this bloated!?” or, “My thighs are enormous.  Seriously, they are the largest thighs on the planet.  My knees are completely eclipsed by them!” or, “Good God!  Where did this ba-donk-a-donk come from?  Sheesh–lay off the cookie dough!”

But instead of hating myself for the rest of the day, I cover up my “flaws” with a cute outfit that makes me feel great & get on with it.

YAY for wine!Yes, I still weigh myself–about twice a year when I’m visiting my parents.  Each time, I ask myself if I really want to do it because I know the potential consequences.  It has been so difficult for me to get to a more positive place with my body image–do I want to undo it all by tip-toeing onto the platform of self loathing?  I feel like I’m still in a fragile place about that number.  Sometimes, I just skip it.  And sometimes, I say to heck with it & just go for it.

When I let go of the negativity & self loathing, it freed me to actually listen to my body.  I don’t feel like I work out any more or less than I did before; but now, I work out because I want to.  Because I like the way it makes me feel.  Because I know that I’ll feel lousy if I don’t.  Because it makes me happy & silly & better than I’d be if I didn’t.

I eat when I’m hungry.  I eat foods I like.  I DON’T count calories (Blech blech blech! Never again!!!).  Occasionally, I eat more than I probably should, but I don’t beat myself up over it.  I eat healthfully overall, try to eat whole foods, & just don’t worry about it all that much. 

If there’s one thing I do know for sure, it’s that I am happier.  My scale was a bully, & it made me feel bad.  I let it do that to me.  I asked it to!  And just like that, I realized I could get it to stop.

Bottom line:

if I feel good . . .

if I’m happy with what I see when I look in the mirror . . .

if I like the way my clothes fit . . .

if I appreciate the strength my body is capable of . . .

then the number on the scale truly DOES NOT MATTER.

Do you weigh yourself?


12 thoughts on “To Weigh or Not to Weigh

  1. I HATE the scale, but since I need to lose weight I have to force myself on it. I have been doing weight watchers and that weekly weighin with the receiptionist really provides the motivatoin I need to get through the next week. I would never weigh myself every day becuase that would put me over the edge. When I get to a spot where I feel healthy I will continue the once a week weighins but just to stay on track!

  2. I weigh myself….every weekend. For me, it’s a necessity. I need to see the number because – sadly – what I see in the mirror isn’t the reality!

    Nothing black and white here….the relationship with the scale is VERY different for everyone. But, I am thrilled to hear that you feel great and all those horrible negative thoughts are gone!!! WHOO HOO!

  3. I don’t own a scale. The only time I see my weight is when I go to the doctor and even then I do not pay much attention.
    What I do focus on is how I FEEL. If I feel healthy and comfortable in my own skin, that is all that matters to me. Also, if my clothes are fitting a little snug, I know that I need to step up my game and pay more attention to what I am eating.

  4. I weigh myself every morning UNLESS I had a particularly indulgent night and then I just skip it and wait til the next day. BUT I’m in a much different place with the scale then I was, ohhh probably a year ago. I used to be just like you but now I just weigh myself to make sure I’m falling into the range I feel is “healthy” for me. And I don’t work out to lose weight anymore, I workout for endorphins 🙂

  5. Wow- this is a great post! At one point in high school I found myself hopping on the scale multiple times a day, and it was really unhealthy. I weigh myself every month or two to make sure that I’m not losing weight, and that’s it. When a person weighs themselves regularly it’s easy to be defined by that…

  6. I too have battles with the scale. I sometimes go months without getting on it (usually when I know I won’t like what I will see) and then sometime I’ll hop on several times a week. I think each person has to find their own healthy relationship with it. For some, that may be to chuck it out the bathroom window, for others, they may need to check in here and there to make sure they are going in the right direction.

  7. I weigh myself every morning (after peeing of course!) If I ate poorly the day before, I won’t weigh myself though. Or sometimes I’ll even wait a couple days. I don’t need to see that.
    But weighing myself every day helps keep me in check and let’s me know when I need to step up the healthy eating and put down the burgers. I wear way too much elastic to be able to tell that from the fit of my clothes.
    And the number on the scale doesn’t set the tone for my day. I KNOW when I’m heavier. I can see it looking at my stomach.

  8. Awesome post! I weigh myself sometimes, but I used to weigh myself everyday. Thankfully I got out of that habit before I got too consumed by the number. I try to go by how I look and feel nowadays, but sometimes I do check out what I weigh just to make sure that I haven’t fluctuated too much.

  9. What a fantastic post, Melissa! I’m so glad that you’re in such a great place — everyone has those bloated-feeling days and such (whether it’s reality or not, we still “feel” it!) — but you’re living your life and like you said, “getting on with it!” Bravo!

    I rarely weigh myself. I lost weight for my wedding and became a little too “into” keeping my weight the same for a while, but since I had lost too much weight for my body type, it came back even though I was weighing myself daily. So, I ditched the scale because it was frustrating to see the number — because for some reason the number was important to me for a while. Now I just focus on being healthy, staying balanced, and having FUN!! We still have the scale, so I could weigh myself if I wanted to — but I haven’t done it in a while. I want to focus on being the best person, wife, friend, and daughter that I can be — and my weight has nothing to do with any of those goals (unless I was severely over or under-eating, neither of which I’m doing!) I told someone recently that I don’t weigh myself and they looked at me like I was a CRAZY person, lol! 🙂

  10. I am a daily weigher. I wish I wasn’t, and I hope I can go away from it soon. I have lost 145 pounds on weight watchers and am 2 weeks away from being a lifetime member. I hope that once I hit that milestone, I will be able to trust myself more and only weight myself once a week at meetings. As someone that has been extremely overweight, I know I can’t give it up completely, though.

  11. bubblymel says:

    I weigh myself weekly as I am overweight and need to lose weight but I’m not obsessed by the scale. I think I have a fairly healthy relationship with it and if I gain weight I just get on with my day!

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