An Amazing Day

One of my oldest and best friends got married yesterday.

first grade1

See? Still friends! Open-mouthed smile


As much as I may not like the whole traditional wedding scene for myself, seeing one of my best friends so happy and getting everything she’s hoped for was absolutely incredible. I was so glad I got to share in the day!

But before we get to the actual wedding day, let’s back up a bit, shall we?

Because before a wedding, you have to have a rehearsal! Friday evening we met at the church to get all our ducks in a row before heading to the groom’s parents’ house for a backyard BBQ. They had a big tent set up where everyone could hang out and get eaten alive by mosquitos relax before dinner.


Check out the adorable drink cozies they had made for the party!


I had wine in a mason jar rather than a beer, but I worked it out. Winking smile


Steph also had adorable goodie bags for all of the kiddos that came. Check out my friend, Jamie’s twins with theirs. How cute are they?!?


Speaking of cute . . .


I love how happy they look!

Dinner was delish—pulled pork, cornbread, salad, and a little watermelon for me.


They also had super cute monogrammed sugar cookies for dessert.


I want to make cute cookies like this! Now I just need a reason . . .

Anyway, I headed home somewhat early to get a good night’s sleep before the wedding festivities. Unfortunately, I was still awake for about 3 hours in the middle of the night. What IS that?!? So annoying.

After meeting the girls at the salon Saturday morning, we headed back to Steph’s parents’ house for a little lunch before getting dressed.


Doesn’t she look amazing??? Honestly, I have never seen a more relaxed bride. Steph is really laid back anyway, but she was just totally herself all day long. No bridezilla moments, no freakouts, just regular Steph. It was kind of awesome on her part. Smile

{Plus, how cute is her tank??? I got it for her for her bachelorette party, and I loved that she wore it on her wedding morning.}

We scarfed our sandwiches and got all dolled up. Steph let us choose our own bridesmaids’ dresses—knee length and black were the only criteria—and I loved the way the look came together.


{Minus one Sad smile}

Steph and Kevin chose to do all of their pictures beforehand, which actually worked out great! So while they had their first look and a few one on one pics . . .


We retired to the basement, site of our antics from high school. Lookie here  . . .


Hmmm . . . what should we try?


Probably the same bottles of Schnapps that were there when we were in high school!


If that’s the case, those bottles probably have more water in them than alcohol . . . why do kids all have the same stupid “tricks?” Silly us. We stuck to cocktails purchased in this decade instead.

A few touch ups and some mosquito-infested bridal party pictures later . . .


. . . and it was time to head to the church!


This is the hard part for me—the waiting. We hung out in the basement of the church with tunes and snacks.


Yep, she was still relaxed!


A few minutes before the ceremony, I snuck upstairs to say hi to my fam!


And suddenly, it was time! I don’t know what it is, but right before the ceremony I always get super emotional. Teary and all that. I guess it’s the whole huge life event thing that’s going on. Yeah, that would probably do it. After knowing someone for almost your entire life, it’s pretty intense to see them walk down the aisle. I held it together pretty well, but it wasn’t easy!

The ceremony was really sweet and personal, with the minister reading love letters that Steph and Kevin wrote to each other. I loved that touch, and it was amazing to hear how much love these two have for one another. They are, as the minister said, a matched set.

With all the serious business out of the way, party time ensued!


The party bus was an absolute blast! It was a ton of fun to celebrate with everyone.


We even stopped in downtown Ann Arbor on the way to the reception for a drink. Party time? Heck yes!


Shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots!!! Everybody!



What made it even cooler was the fact that we stopped for a drink at the same spot where Steph and Kevin had their first date!


So fun!

More hilarity and antics ensued on the party bus because, duh, it’s a party bus!!!



And then we finally made our way to the reception . . . which was probably a good thing. Winking smile


Back at her bachelorette party, Steph gave all of the bridesmaids wine glasses that she hand painted herself. We had them set up on the head table so we could all have them for the reception.


Oh, and these flowers?


Steph’s mom and her friend did them all! Are they not gorgeous??? I wish I had a talent like that. Her mom also grew, yes grew, all of the flowers for the centerpieces. I cannot even fathom that given the fact that I could kill a cactus.

And as if that weren’t enough, she made all the cake, too.


The actual display cake was fake, but she made the most amazing sheet cakes for dessert—lemon, raspberry, carrot, chocolate. It was to.die.for.

For dinner, we had a great little menu.


A great fresh salad, penne, chicken marsala and beef, roasted red skins, and green beans.


And don’t forget the cake!


Please excuse my sloppy picture taken mid-devour. I also tried the lemon and carrot. Insanely delicious.

Completely stuffed, it was obviously time to get our dance on!

100_0700 - Copy

Sadly, I don’t have many dancing pictures, but let me assure you that fun.was.had. The band was absolutely fantastic and kept the energy going all night long. I loved how they came out on the dance floor and really got everyone involved. Plus, there were some sweet opportunities for us to make total fools of ourselves to Bon Jovi while the band took a break. All around excellent time.

My sister is a pretty excellent wedding date, btw.


Oh, and by the end of the night, pretty much everyone in the place was wearing the chair sashes on their heads.


I felt it important to throw up a Tupac-inspired west side (pronounced “west SIIIIIDE!) with my head attire. Um, yeah . . .


Overall, it was a completely amazing day. I wish there were better words to describe it because I really don’t feel like I’m doing it justice. To see Steph so happy was absolutely the best best best feeling. She is such a great person and friend, and she deserves every bit of this! I ‘m so glad I got to share in the day with her and Kevin. Congratulations to the Mr. & Mrs.!!!!



5 thoughts on “An Amazing Day

  1. Aww, looks so fun! Usually I dread weddings because they are too structured for me but that one definitely looked like a blast. Um, party bus? YES! Plus, I love the idea that she just let everyone pick out their own bride’s maid dress. I’m a fan of different dresses in the same color. 🙂

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