Mediterranean Chicken Salad

What an eventful day!

OK, not that much. But I did what I could with it . . .

First up, a run to Target to exchange my hairdryer. I bought it a few months back and it just quit on me when I was back in Michigan last week. They took it back—no questions asked!—and let me get a brand new one! Score! I am a huge fan of great customer service. Props to you, Target.


Also of interest, I made a pretty fantastic snack with this today.

005 A blogger who eats yogurt with aspartame!!! The horror! I know, it’s not the best for you, but it’s cheap, and I like the flavor, which is more than I can say for most yogurts. So sue me. Smile

I blended this bad boy up with some frozen strawberries for a creamy-almost-fro-yo.


Served in a fancy plastic container since most of my dishes are packed. HOT.

And just when I was getting a little bummed that I didn’t have any granola to put on top, I remembered a lone granola bar in the pantry.


A great little treat in the midst of my work day.

Tonight, the pickins in my kitchen were pretty slim, but I got creative and actually came up with a recipe.

But first thing’s first.


{I may or may not have busted open an already-packed box to get that wine glass out. May or may not.}

While I cooked up my dinner, I also snacked on a few of these. I’m convinced they’re called crackers because they do, indeed, have crack in them.


They taste like gorgonzola. For reals. So freaking good. And good with wine. But then again, what isn’t?

For dinner? I whipped up a chicken salad of sorts, incorporating lots of great Greek flavors. Why not, right?

Mediterranean Chicken Salad

For one Smile

1 chicken breast

Greek salad dressing, for marinating

3-4 T. plain Greek yogurt

6 kalamata olives, chopped

1 T. pepperoncini rings, chopped

2 T. onion, chopped

1/2 T. garlic, finely minced

heaping tablespoon crumbled feta

juice of 1/4 lemon

pepper and a tiny bit of salt

If you are patient and not hungry and can plan ahead (ie., not me), marinate the chicken in the salad dressing for 2-4 hours. Otherwise, 30 minutes should be good. This is an excellent time to drink wine and have crackers.

Then, grill your chicken breast until cooked through. I used my Griddler, so I just grilled the chicken on one side and softened up the onions and garlic on the other side.

Shred up the cooked chicken and mix it with everything else. Easy, right? Just remember to go easy on the salt—feta and olives are salty enough already!


Ta-da! Mediterranean chicken salad! I served mine on a bed of spinach dressed in lemon juice, olive oil and S&P.

Continuing with the fancy theme, I ate at the table on a kitchen towel instead of a placemat out of a plastic container instead of a bowl.


Stay classy, San Diego. Winking smile

But the chicken salad? Pretty freaking delicious if I do say so myself!


It had all of my favorite chicken gyro flavors blended into one! I’m willing to wager this would be pretty killer inside of a pita, too.

Just when you thought I was never going to cook again, here I am with a totally random menu from stuff I had on hand. See? Anyone can make a meal from anything. I’m so inspiring. Right? Winking smile

What great customer service have you experienced lately?

I thought my Target service was pretty excellent, obvs. I also had to go to the bank today to get a temporary debit card (long story). Wells Fargo’s got it going on, too. They took good care of me!


7 thoughts on “Mediterranean Chicken Salad

  1. You know my body is 70% aspartame, right? No judgements here!

    I can’t believe you still had the box for your hair dryer. I would have pitched that after the first couple weeks. I always think Kohls has great customer service. I usually buy stuff and THEN get a coupon in the mail. They always honor it when I bring my receipt in. I even returned some curtain rod I got online but never used about 8 months later. They took it back no questions asked.

  2. I LOVE Cupcake’s cab. Have you tried their Red Velvet yet? I’d def recommend it. Target always has it on sale, trying to get me to buy it more than I should

  3. bubblymel says:

    Oh Melissa that looks awesome!! I’ll have to try that!! I think it would go so well in pita! I love the Anchorman reference!!! One of my all time fav movies!!

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