Union Station

Good morning, folks!

As promised, I wanted to share a little Union Station action with you this morning. This place is seriously cool—much cooler than I’d expect from a train station. With sweeping stair cases, stately columns and soaring vaulted ceilings, it’s pretty impressive!


It also boasts lots of great shopping and food options. Not too shabby!004

But let’s take another look at those vaulted ceilings, shall we?


I read on a placard that they used more than 70 pounds of gold leafing to restore the ceiling and alcoves. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Since I was at the station for a layover of sorts in my day of travel, I set up shop in the Main Hall to work.


This isn’t a bad view to have if you have to work on the go.


I made sure to have some snacks, too. Which I photographed after I finished them, naturally. Who doesn’t want to see my trash? Winking smile


They also put a helpful sign on the bench I sat on.


You’re welcome, Union Station.

Unfortunately, my computer ran out of juice, and I had to relocate to the gate near my train to find an outlet. Not nearly as glamorous ie., no pictures.

But I did get myself a delicious lunch to go from the Corner Bakery.


I waited until I got on the train to eat it so I didn’t have to scarf it off of my lap, but it was pretty tasty. And I am obsessed with their cinnamon raison crisp bread that they serve with everything. Crunchy and sweet, with sugar crystals on top—what’s not to love? YUM! 

So even though I didn’t get to fully enjoy Union Station because of the whole work thing, I did my best! It’s always nice to sneak in a little fun when I’m traveling for work.

Have you ever traveled somewhere and found it to be unexpectedly cool?


4 thoughts on “Union Station

  1. Sometimes Craig, my finace, drags me to these little random small towns that don’t have alot to offer, but for some reason we always seem to have a good time and find the little special things that the towns have. Usually we have more of a purpose when going to these towns (wedding, visiting friends) but we take time out to explore.

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