Ice Cream for Breakfast

Just popping in for a quick hello this morning! I’ve got lots of work and more packing to do today, so let’s keep it snappy, shall we?

I hopped right out of bed early this morning to squeeze in a speedy 5 mile run before work.

OK, that totally didn’t happen. I woke up, rolled over, and pulled the covers back over my head. Eventually, the appeal of getting my workout in and over with took over, and I got up and hit the pavement. photo

I was slow. And it was fine. I’m not winning any prizes for speed, but as long as I do it, it’s good enough for me! Given that I don’t actually have a whole lot of cartilage in my knees, I’m just glad I can run at all!

For breakfast, I made another fruit and yogurt concoction, but this time, I froze the yogurt, too, before blending it up.

Last night, I found a plum in the fridge that was just this side of becoming a prune. I sliced it up and threw it in the freezer along with some vanilla yogurt and a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon. This morning, I put everything in the blender with a little coconut milk, whirled it up, and had ice cream for breakfast!


Topped with another crumbled up granola bar for a little crunch action.


Time to get my work on! Lots to do before meeting one of my old co-workers for happy hour tonight!

Have the best day! Open-mouthed smile


12 thoughts on “Ice Cream for Breakfast

  1. Ohh I love this breakfast idea! I am always up for ice cream anything mm mm!

    I love that side angle pic of your shoes too, So glad you made it out for a run. I’m the same way, as long as I make it out that’s a success in my book! 🙂

    Best wishes for your packing M! 🙂

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