Major Dilemma

How was everyone’s day? Let’s just say I’m glad I’m heading out to have drinks with my friend tonight because I am feeling a teeny bit stressed.

Work this week has slowed down a bit, which is actually perfect, since I’m dealing with this at home.


At least they’re packed, right?

It’s this that has me really stressed


And this


The major dilemma is figuring out what needs to travel with me (ie., in my car) back to Michigan and what I can put into storage. Not all of my clothes and will fit in my tiny car and since my stuff will be in storage for at least a month, it’s hard to decide what I’ll need. You know, given the fact that the seasons are about to change and September in Michigan can be in the 80s or the 50s.

Why am I moving back there again?!?

Oh, right.

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Anyway, back to my current dilemma. The other issue is that I am psychotic and get really stressed out when I don’t have my clothes with me. Not like I couldn’t go shopping, but I just want my stuff!

Recycling this photo because, well, it fits.

DAC 38

This is who I am. If there is something to stress about, I will find it. Don’t you worry. Winking smile

In other news, I took a break from working and packing to make a yummy egg white sandwich for lunch.


I just microwaved egg whites with a little torn spinach, S&P, then made a sandwich on a toasted bagel thin with havarti cheese and tomato.


Scrumptious and satisfying!

Time for a much-needed cocktail. I’m thinking mojito. The summer is slipping away. Sad smile

Gotta soak it up while I can!

The Boathouse 007

Are you weird about your clothes or can you just go with the flow?

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a go with the flow kind of girl. What can I say? It’s just not in me.


8 thoughts on “Major Dilemma

  1. Renee Byard says:

    Ship a box of clothing via UPS. No need to be without ANYTHING (clothing wise) OR…’s a good excuse to borrow your sisters clothes?!?!? 😉 Enjoy taht Mojito, I just had a couple yummy mojito’s in Richmond this past week.

  2. Wow, I love all of your reasons for moving back to Michigan — I can totally see why you’re going back! Even though I’d prefer it if you moved to SoCal . . . stat! I’ll have mojitos with you anytime of year! 🙂

    I like to have LOTS of clothing options. So I totally understand your dilemma, especially with the changing seasons. I’d probably overstuff my car with clothes. And then sprinkle in a few new outfits of course, you know, as a reward for moving back to Michigan!

    • I like the way you think! Although SoCal is pretty appealing, I’ll have to see how bad the winter is back in MI before I commit to another move. A visit, on the other hand, I am definitely up for!

  3. We are going to freeze together this winter. At least we’ll be near our families. I don’t move for another 3 weeks & I’m already spending hours stressing and planning everything. You remind me of myself so much it’s scary. Haha

    • You’re not kidding! Hopefully our families will give us lots of hugs and wine to keep us warm! 🙂

      I love how alike we are. If we ever get together, it’s going to be madness.

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