The Bartender Hates You

Please excuse my tardiness this morning . . . it’s been a little hectic here, kids!

Anyway, if Tuesday was a day for great customer service, the universe went ahead and balanced things out yesterday.

First, I spent half the day going round and round with Verizon Fios trying to cancel my service. Without going into specifics, let’s just say I won’t be going back to them for service when I need it again. Sheesh.


Moving on . . . I met my friend, Debbie, for dinner and drinks at the Boathouse. Yep, I do go there a lot. Smile

Right when I arrived, it was pretty busy, so I put our name in for a table and found a spot at the bar. Peaceful, no?


But as I waited for Debbie to arrive, I got pretty thirsty . . .


Yes, the bar was busy, but not full. I tried to be patient and watched the ducks and the boaters and the sunset, but 10 minutes later, still no service.

At this point, Debbie arrived (YAY!), and she decided to try to go up to the bar for our drinks. No dice. Couldn’t even get either bartender’s attention. Strangely, the men at the bar didn’t have the same issue . . .


Yeah . . . so we tried again. Finding 2 actual seats at the bar, we bellied up, hoping for a drink. (I was so thirsty at this point I was feeling a little faint. OK, not really, but still.) The gal actually greeted us, got us water and a menu, but for whatever reason didn’t feel compelled to take our actual drink order. She got other people drinks . . .

y chromosome

But not us. We’re going on 25 minutes at the bar at this point, no alcohol in our hands. Not cool, friends, not cool.

We decided to give up and go to the inside bar, which is still open to the deck, and grab a couple of seats there. Within seconds, I had this before me


{This bartender did have one of those Y chromosomes . . . just saying.}

Sheesh. Talk about working for your dinner, er, drink!

But by then, we were much happier. Smile


For dinner, we decided to stay at the bar and chit chat, rather than risk being rushed at a table. It worked out perfectly!

I started with a fresh spinach and gorgonzola salad topped with pear slices, pickled onions, pecans, and tomatoes in a balsamic vinaigrette (<—I cannot spell that word to save my life).


Then we shared one of their amazing wood-fired pizzas—Crab, Brie & Asparagus with tomatoes.


And you can bet your bottom dollar (sorry, the Annie soundtrack was playing on my Pandora this morning) I picked that asparagus right off. I didn’t want to chance it.


At any rate, despite the crappy service at the outset, dinner was delish, the company was fantastic, and my mojito hit the spot. Overall, a win!

I can’t believe I move out of my apartment tomorrow! It feels like I have so much to do, but I think it’s actually going to go pretty smoothly. I know I’ll be a happy girl tomorrow night when everything is loaded up and the physical moving is done (for the time being).

Alrighty, back to work for this girl!

What bad customer service have you received recently? Are you a letter writer when you get bad service?

I usually fluff up my feathers and say I’m going to write a letter when I get bad service, but I rarely do. The one time I did write to Delta to complain about a rude person working at my gate, they did give me a credit, though, so I guess letter writing can have some pay off!


3 thoughts on “The Bartender Hates You

  1. Glad you finally got your drink, girl! 😉

    I actually wrote a letter recently to United because I had bought insurance for a flight I didn’t make and the company was giving me a hard time. United refunded me (with a few fees!) but it was pretty nice of them I thought!

  2. bubblymel says:

    Wow I can’t believe how long you had to wait for a drink!!! I’m not a letter writer at all when it comes to poor customer service but my Dad loves a good letter. He often is featured in the Adelaide Advertiser writing letters to the editor!! He used to drive me insane when I was at high school as anything he did not approve of he would send me to school with a letter for the teacher! I think these days he probably uses email but he isn’t the most tech savvy person so he may still post letters!!

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