I Like to Move It Move It

It’s moving day!!!


My friends, Adam and Steph, are coming to help me load up the POD momentarily. I tried to dismantle everything as much as possible so we can just move everything and get it over with!


I hate hate hate moving, but I have done it so many times I’ve lost count. Since college, I’ve lived in at least 8 different apartments, and that doesn’t count all the times I’ve intermittently stayed with my parents between places. That’s more moving than any one person should do. I wish I could just buy a place and stay put for a while. Hopefully in the next couple years!

To make the moving more bearable, I treated myself to some Starbys this morning.

I Red heart you, Iced Decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte!


Alrighty, time to carry lots of things! Yippeeee!!! Can’t wait!!! (That would be me psyching myself up for the moving.) Moving is basically strength training, and we all know how I feel about that, so I’m hoping my feigned enthusiasm will somehow seep into my psyche. Probably not, but worth a shot!

How many times have you moved??


5 thoughts on “I Like to Move It Move It

  1. Happy Moving Day! Don’t forget to take deep breaths! Sometimes it can be stressful! (I know, I’ve moved more times that I can recall! And cross country 3 times!!)

  2. Renee Byard says:

    Good luck with your move! You will be missed by some fellow Virginian’s, but I’m POSITIVE, you’ll always be friends. 🙂 If you ever want to visit Indy or stop through on a trip….feel free, you know where we are! 🙂

  3. M I am so with you on hating to move, Nick and I have moved 6 times in the last 6 years! I really hope that we can stay in our current apartment for at least three years or possibly until we actually buy a place in 5 or more!

    Best wishes with all of your packing! Yey for a little coffee love!

  4. I hate moving. So.much. I moved every year for the first 5 years I was in Orlando. That doesn’t include a few moves when I lived with my mom and a move into 2 different houses. So…9 times. My mom used to not want my address because “it will just change anyway.” LOL

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