Is this normal?


Please tell me I am not the only person to bring a bottle of wine along with me while traveling. I mean, why spend $10 on a glass of wine at the hotel bar when I can have really really good wine in my room? I am so super classy. Winking smile

After a kind of sad day today, I definitely needed a good glass of wine tonight. Before I left Richmond, Danielle and I did have a nice lunch at Panera, though.


Yum. I wish they had the Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad all year round! So freaking good!!! It was fitting that we shared one last Monday meal together before I left since we had a standing date for “Monday Night Dinner” for the first few months that we knew each other. It was kind of a nice little sendoff before my drive up to DC.

The Boathouse 006

Not thinking about how much I’ll miss this girl!!!

Now, I’m all settled into my hotel and just relaxing before the next few days of work. Basically, I have 3 days of meetings all day, every day. It’s going to be exhausting, but I’ve got my wine to come home to, so I’m sure that’ll take the edge off. Plus, I really like my co-workers so that always helps!


{I am exhausted just looking at this!}

I’m also planning to be up early every morning to get some running in before work. I know I’ll hate it when the alarm goes off at 5 AM, but I’ll be so glad after a full day of sitting that I got some movement in, so I’m committing to it! This morning, I took myself on a 6 mile run around Danielle’s neighborhood and it was so worth it.

less crazy

Tonight, I picked up some dinner from Zoup to enjoy in the hotel room while vegging in front of the TV. I had never had Zoup before, but I wasn’t really in a soup mood so I went for a wrap and salad combo.003

A Sonoma salad


Mixed greens, gorgonzola, dried cherries and sliced almonds with raspberry vinaigrette

And a Cali Veg Wrap



Guacamole, cucumbers, tomatoes, provolone cheese, romaine and cucumber/dill tzatziki sauce

I’m pretty sure they forgot the tzatziki sauce on this. Honestly, both were just “meh.” Not bad, but nothing special, either. Maybe I should have had the soup??? Oh well. At least I have wine! Open-mouthed smile

Oh, and just to keep it real . . .


Isn’t my life fantastically glamorous? I know you’re all jealous!

Do you have any odd travel habits?

Yes, I bring wine, and as evidenced in the photo above, I also requested a fridge in my room. I’m not confessing what’s in it, but I’m fairly certain it solidifies my status as a total nutjob.


15 thoughts on “Traveler

  1. Danielle Byard says:

    Well I dont bring a bottle of wine with me initially…however, I’ve gotten smart and always carry a wine opener..then I stop at a classy place like Kroger on the way to the hotel after a long day of work. That’s where I pick up a bottle of vino..I got smart after having been charged a corking fee! and I dont want to buy a new wine opener each time! So it fits perfectly in my side pocket 😉 xo

    • Haha. Love it. I wasn’t sure there’d be a place near the hotel that I could get wine, hence the bringing along. But the basic idea is the same. 😀

  2. Jill says:

    I think that it is great that you have your own bottle of vino with you when you travel. If it ever goes bad on you, add about a cup to your bath water. It smells great and is great for your skin. I thought that it would be drying, but it is not. Enjoy!!

  3. When I had to go on a mini vaca for work this past summer I did the same thing, requested a mini fridge to stock my yogurt, protein shakes and fruit. Pathetic, I know! I love the strawberry chicken poppy seed salad, could eat it every day!!

  4. I don’t blame you for needing some wine and running to help soothe your travelling nerves. If I could drink I would have the same exact combo. Well maybe margaritas instead of wine 😉

    I’m so glad everything is going so well with your job. What a great example of how taking a big leap can pay of in spades! 🙂

  5. That is a fantastic idea to bring your own bottle of wine. For as much as I travel, I have never thought to do that (mainly because I have a corporate card and a per diem :))

    It looks like the job is going really well! Yeah!

  6. Oh man. I am so behind on your blog. Must.catch.up. And yes! I always bring a gallon zip lock back of snacks – granola/protein bars, pieces of chocolate, peanuts, etc. My hubs used to make fun of me but it’s not so funny when he’s hungry and I won’t give him anything from my zip lock bag because “we didn’t need to bring it.” 😛

  7. Nothing wrong with bringing your own wine. I’m curious as to what’s in your fridge though. 😉

    I work for a wine and spirits importer. Currently, there are 7 bottles of wine at my cubicle and there’s a wine opener in my drawer. I could so use a glass. I’d never get away with it because of my low tolerance though. LOL.

    • OMG, I would LOVE that job!

      I am so dorky–some condiments I didn’t want to abandon from my VA fridge are traveling with me. Almond butter, tahini, and sesame oil are expensive! I didn’t want to just throw them out!!!

  8. We do that too!! Even more ummm frugal…I always bring my own wine when we go visit my mom… She’s in VT and we’re in VA. Why buy more wine up there, when we have perfectly good wine to bring with us?!?

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