Wow. I am one exhausted kid over here. It’s amazing to me that I can be this tired from being in meetings all day, but here I am, totally wiped out.

My meeting schedule got even crazier from when I shared it the other night, so I’ve been getting my meeting on all day long for the last 2 days. One more day to go, and then I head back to Michigan!


At least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Honestly, I am just looking forward to being in one place for a while, not traveling and getting back to my routine. I need some normalcy up in here!

After a long day (shake free, thankyouverymuch), I wasn’t up for anything but a glass of my vino and some room service.  I really do like to go out and try new places when I’m traveling, even for work, but tonight was a room service night. Why go out when you already have wine, right?

I’m telling you—everyone should do this. Do you have any idea how nice it is to come “home” to a glass of really good wine when you’re on the road?


The perfect cool down after a long day. Mmmmm . . .

Not even up for venturing out for dinner, I donned the hotel robe and ordered room service. Incidentally, is it not the best when hotels have robes? I totally rock the robe.

Anyway, I picked out a couple of nibbles from the room service menu and sipped my wine while I waited for them to be sent up to my room.

To start, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with pita bread.


Just a tiny bit spicy with pillowy, chewy pitas, this was really good with my wine.

Then again, so was my veggie flatbread pizza.


It wasn’t really a flatbread, but the crust was fairly thin. I loved that they topped it with some mixed greens—I needed some with this dinner!—and the cheese was salty and gooey and perfect.


Unfortunately, I forgot to ask which veggies were on the pizza, so I was reduced to 5 year old status and picking all of this nastiness off.


Yep, that’d be asparagus. I tried to eat it—just suck it up, ya know?—but no dice. I don’t even like it a little bit anymore. Too grossed out. Oh well. I like pretty much everything else, so I guess it’s ok if there’s a food or two out there I don’t like.

Please excuse my lack of enthusiasm and sparkle this evening. I am just absolutely beat. Tomorrow, I have 7 straight hours of meetings and then I hit the road to drive part of the way to Michigan. Should be a nice, low-key day. Winking smile

Do you ever get room service?

I never do when I’m traveling for pleasure, but when I’m working, I’m all about the RS.


5 thoughts on “Beat

  1. Oh my gosh girl, I am sure you are exhausted!! I always do room service on travel for work. I am usually too tired and not in the mood if there is no one else to eat with!

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