College Cutie

Well hello!

Sorry for my tardiness this evening—I’ve been out having fun with these ladies!


This afternoon, Mom and I drove up to East Lansing to see my little sis’ new apartment.


She has it all decorated like such a little college cutie! I like decorating, but I’m not very good at it. Looks like I have someone to help me out!


Since one of the best things about being in college is having your family take you out to dinner when they visit, we hit up Omi Sushi for some eats!


Fun vibe, right?


It’s kind of hard to tell in this picture, but everything in the place is blue blue blue! Kind of like you’re right in the ocean!

We shared salty edamame to start.


And I also had a house salad. I never think I’m a big ginger fan until I eat salad with ginger dressing. Then I pretty much want to bathe in it. Winking smile


For our main meal, we shared several rolls.

Spicy tuna and California . . .


Both tasty, but a little too mayo-y for my taste.

Dragon . . . (tuna, tempura shrimp, and crab with spicy sauce on top)


Again, tasty, but the mayo issue . . .


That’s a lot of mayo on my sushi. I think I would have liked it a lot better without.

And last but not least! A spider roll . . .


This didn’t photograph too well against the gold plate, but it was very pretty. Not too mayo-y, either!


After we sufficiently stuffed ourselves, we walked next door to Coldstone where I promptly devoured my ice cream without photographing it. Didn’t even think about it. Nope. I have serious focus when it comes to ice cream. For reference, however, here’s a pic of some Coldstone I ate back in, maybe . . . May?


I also see from this photo that it was right after my accident because I’m driving the rental car. Ah, memories . . .

Being on campus tonight brought me right back to my college days. Campuses in the fall are just plain fun. There’s such an energy at the start of a new year—new classes, football, boys . . . yep, those were the days! Even though I don’t mind being a grown up all that much, I did really love college. And let’s just say I’m really glad the internet wasn’t quite as popular back then. Not that I did anything that couldn’t be published online or anything. Winking smile

What were you like in college? Did you love it or were you ready for the “real world?”


5 thoughts on “College Cutie

  1. Did your seester paint the wall too? I love the orange! So fun. I wasn’t so much a college person. I refused to live in a dorm, so I went to Community College while I lived with my mom. Then by the time I moved out on my own, I lived near a university, so I went there while working full time and living with one roommate for awhile and then on my own. I’m not much of a community bathroom/shower girl. Unless it’s co-ed.

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