Baking Fail

Sometimes it’s just not your week.

Last night, as I tried to cheer myself up, I decided to do a little baking. I hadn’t baked in quite some time and since baking almost always makes me feel better, it seemed like the right thing to do.

After hunting around on some of my favorite blogs for recipes, I decided peanut butter pretzel brownies sounded pretty darn good.

I followed all of the instructions exactly, and they looked so pretty!


As sometimes happens with brownies, it wasn’t all that easy to get them out of the pan, so they didn’t look quite as pretty as I’d hoped.


Rather than actually being in a layer on the bottom, the pretzels kind of got soaked up into the brownies. Hmmmm . . .


And the peanut butter layer, while it looked delicious . . .


was a little much.

Make no mistake, these little flaws didn’t keep me from stress-eating my fair share, but I did scrape off most of the peanut butter in favor of the brownies. And rather than being that right balance of salty-sweet, the pretzels made the whole thing overly rich since they were soaked in butter.

Well, bummer. Maybe on rotten days I should stick to tried and true favorites?

Anyway, today is a new day! I’m working in the office here in town rather than at home, so maybe a little human contact will pull me out of my funk. I have plans later for dinner with a friend, too, so if nothing else, I have something to look forward to! Smile

Since I’m bumming out, I’d love to hear . . .

What’s going well for you this week???


10 thoughts on “Baking Fail

  1. oohhh is this jessica’s recipe?? i wanted to make these this week and have not yet….the recipe sounded sooo good!!! i will have to let you know how mine turn out if i do!
    what’s going good this week?? hhhmmm. i am leaving work in about 20 mins for a long weekend. going to pittsburgh for a baseball game and then just enjoying being home and not at work!
    enjoy the long weekend!

  2. I must say this looks like a delicious fail. I hate when my culinary creations don’t turn out as I expected, but as long as its edible I’m pretty happy. (I’ve had some serious smoothie fails this week.)

    Going well this week: work isn’t insanely busy (just busy!), I’m making it to the gym pretty regularly, and time is flying! It’s almost the weekend 🙂

  3. Sorry you’re having a rough day again M – HUG!

    Perhaps in addition to lessoning the peanut butter you could simply top the PB with the pretzels next time – since PB and pretzels go so well together.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow. I was having a rough day myself – hence no blogging because I’ve been told by Nick and family not to blog about anything that potential employers would be turned off by (i.e. depression) Uuuuuuughhhhh

    I feel much better after a killer body rock workout though. Nothing like a good sweat.

    • Sorry you're down, doll. That's a tough spot to be in, especially when you blog is supposed to be an outlet for you. Hopefully some private writing will have healing effects! HUGS! XO ~ Melissa

  4. I’m avoiding starting packing because it seems really overwhelming. I guess you can have a move without the packing though! Feel better! Maybe its just a funky week.

  5. Hm well for being a baking fail you sure did take nice pictures of them, they look fantastic!

    Keep smilin’ friend, and if all else fails just have another glass of wine. And rest easy in the knowledge that I had a margarita for you tonight 😉

    As for what’s going good this week, I want to tell you BodyPump but I know you hate strength training soooooo…. I’ll go with yoga 🙂

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