Ashley & Steve’s Wedding

Even though it started out steamy and ended with a crazy thunderstorm, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday because I got to share in Ashley and Steve’s special day!


Ashley is so incredibly stylish, and she takes fashion risks I would never even think of—and pulls them off! Case in point: the feather in her hair. I never would have even considered something like that, but she looked amazing. Her dress and earrings were insanely gorgeous, too. I wish I had gotten more pictures.


Is she not totally adorable??? And this is how she always is, not just on her wedding day. One of the sweetest, most genuine people I know. I’m so glad I got to be there to watch her marry her prince charming!

She also picked out the cutest combo for her bridesmaids


I loved the blue and orange! And the shoes were supercute, too. Nice work, Ash!

I really loved what the deacon said during the homily about marriage. He talked about why the Catholic church wants men and women to be married. The answer, as you might expect, is not to have lots and lots of babies (although I think that has to be a close second!). Instead, it’s to get each other to heaven—to help your husband be the best man he can be and to help your wife be the best woman she can be. I thought that was very sweet.


The ceremony was at 1 and the reception didn’t start until 5, so I went back home for a bit in between. As I walked back to my car, I was glad I honored this sign.


I ran home and caught the opening drive of the Michigan game—actually it was the opening defense—and it was ugly. Good thing I had a reception to attend or I’m pretty sure my blood pressure would have been through the roof. Yes, I am that girl who stands on the coffee table and screams at the TV. I do love me some football, but it stresses me out like no other! Anyway, thanks to updates on my phone, I was glad to see they pulled off a win.


Back at the reception, I didn’t take many photos because I didn’t know a soul except for Ashley, and it might have been a little weird to photograph my food, the decorations, etc. Instead, I took a picture of the room, which was very cool.


It was a pretty, open room at an old opera house, and it was a very cool venue. Small enough to feel intimate, but not crowded. I enjoy going to smaller weddings because you actually get to talk to the bride and groom!


I also had to snap a pic of Ashley’s ring. I am in love with this ring. I think I would choose the exact same thing if I ever got married. Gorgeous!


Ash seemed to have such a good time, too. She danced the night away and just enjoyed herself. So happy to see her happy! But then again, she pretty much always is! Open-mouthed smile

If you are married . . .

What is your wedding ring like? Did you pick it out?

If not . . .

Do you know what kind of ring you want? Or would you want your guy to choose for you?


4 thoughts on “Ashley & Steve’s Wedding

  1. bubblymel says:

    Mine is a plain yellow gold band with 9 Channel set brilliant cut diamonds, very delicate as I have pretty small hands. I picked it with my husband. It actually came with my engagement ring, as they are a set, so they match. I think if I was to do it over again, I would have picked hwite gold as I pretty much wear silver now, but it is a nice ring and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Your friend’s ring is gorgeous! Very unusual! Glad you had a good time!

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