Holiday Weekend Hangover

Ah, holiday weekend hangover. No, I didn’t drink too much, but I did have a lot of fun. Getting back to work after that is a serious bummer.

In case you missed it, over the past weekend . . .

I was super controversial

Ate really rare beef

Celebrated my beautiful friend’s wedding

Made the best burger recipe and ate my weight in cookies

Yesterday, the fun continued with shopping, Panera, and The Help!


While (of course) it wasn’t as good as the book, I really did enjoy seeing it come to life on the screen. I thought the movie was incredibly well cast, and I loved how really evil they made Hilly Holbrook’s character! Awesome villain! Open-mouthed smile

So while I ended my weekend on a high note, I felt it incredibly necessary to come out of the gate this morning kicking butt! I got up early and did some yoga, courtesy of Bethenny.

I am in crazy love with this DVD. I hadn’t yoga-ed in about a month, and it felt kind of awesome to stretch myself out. I need to make a point to do this more regularly! Plus, doing a chaturanga push up makes me feel like a total badass. I might not like weight training, but I am all about feeling strong!

Since I rocked out my workout this morning, I rewarded myself with Cinnamon Maple Pecan Oatmeal made using Katie’s method for Voluminous Oats!


{Happy Birthday, Katie! Open-mouthed smile}

I just prepared one serving of oats, Katie style, with a little vanilla and cinnamon. After the oats had soaked up all the liquid, I topped them with 2 T. each of maple syrup and pecans, then reheated and dug in!


We know by now that Katie would never steer us wrong, and these oats deliver on all promises! They puff up and get all voluminous and creamy. I loved ‘em with the additions of cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup, and pecans. Great mix in’s for a decidedly fall-like morning!

While I’m not really digging this whole “fall” thing (it was 54* this morning!), I ventured out anyway to take care of some things at the post office and the bank. To do list say WHAT?!? Kicking butt, I tell ya, kicking butt.

Back to work for me!

How do you deal with going back to work after a long weekend? Do you ease in or take the bull by the horns?


One thought on “Holiday Weekend Hangover

  1. Isn’t it nice going back to work with just “holiday hangover” and not “alcohol hangover”?! I am starting to phase out of the young and the restless stage and absolutely love it!

    Today, to deal with going back to work I made sure to get into bed early (9 pm) and get up early (5:30 am) to allow myself PLENTY of time to tackle some important things…workout, blog, breakfast, shower, start on a paper…
    Check it out! I guess I did “take the bull by the horns” but it FELT easy!
    Have a great day!!

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