Pirate Marinade

Tonight’s dinner was a team effort.

Mom wanted chicken.

Dad wanted to grill it.

I wanted to marinate it.

After hunting around for some chicken marinades, I found a recipe from Eating Well called Pirate Marinade. We kind of have a thing in our house for pirates, so it was a done deal! 

I marinated the chicken for about 3 hours in the marinade (omitting the orange zest because we didn’t have any oranges) before turning it over to Dad to burn on the grill. Good thing he was willing to do the grilling because it has been NAS-ty out there all day long! Wind, rain, cold. ICK!!! Not exactly swashbuckling weather!

Meanwhile, I whipped up some Yukon Gold potatoes with dill, thyme, sage, and oregano from our herb garden. Gotta take advantage of the fresh herbs while we can! I added the herb mix to a pan with olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh pepper and baked the potatoes for 30 minutes at 400*, broiling them for a few minutes at the end to get a nice crispy crust on top. 004

Oh my. These were some fan-freaking-tastic potatoes!

But they may have been outshined by the chicken. Pirate marinade!?! Come to mama!


Will you check out the caramelization? 005

I really think this marinade is magic. Honestly, the ingredient list is a little questionable. With soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and orange juice, I wasn’t sure how the flavors would come together. The recipe also called for brown sugar, which I’m always on board with, garlic, onions, thyme, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and hot sauce. A unique combo for sure! But 100% delicious.


I boiled the marinade down into a sauce to go on top of the chicken and made my parents try to guess the ingredients. It was tough with such a random mix!


They didn’t guess the ingredients, but it wasn’t really fair. Who would guess garlic, cinnamon, and orange juice, right?!? They did, however, rave about the sauce. A new go-to in our house, for sure.


If this is what pirates eat for dinner, sign me up. I’m good with the rum part, too. Winking smile

No rum for me tonight, but I did have some tasty wine with dinner. I said to my mom after, “The saddest part of my day is when my wine is gone.” She agreed. The apple doesn’t fall far, my friends!

blog 038

I know it’s not 8PM yet, but my jammies are calling—cold weather calls for PJ’s!

What’s the last recipe you tried that surprised you?

Do you call your pajamas “PJ’s” “Jammies” “Jams” or something else???

I always call them jams. My students in Virginia made fun of the way I pronounced “pajamas.” I thought it sounded perfectly normal, but then again, I’m not southern. Winking smile


4 thoughts on “Pirate Marinade

  1. I’m going to go into a jealousy coma with everyone talking about cold weather. Sheesh!
    My dad called them PJs, but my mom always said night gown, so I guess I said both of those growing up. I think I’m more PJs now. But I like jams so I might adopt that.

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