The Word That Shall Not Be Named

Is there anything better than a Friday morning that starts with running, yoga, and an empty nut butter jar? I think not.


Hello loverrrrr!!!

I just whipped up my usual oats with a banana, LOTS of cinnamon, and some vanilla and poured them into the jar.


I like to put the top back on and let them steam a little to get the peanut butter suuuuper  melty. Mmmmm . . .


Now, those of you that know me well know that there’s an issue with this particular jar of nut butter.

{hint: my middle finger is covering it in this photo}


I feel that the description “crunchy” is sufficient. But the people at Skippy feel it necessary to put the most disgusting, cringe-worthy word in the English language on their peanut butter jar.


Blech blech blech blech blech!!!! This word literally makes me throw up in my mouth a little. It’s the whole “blowing ch—“ (<—see? I can’t even type it! ick!) reference that really gets me. Knowing this, my friends and family try to avoid the word, but do like to tease me about it when it comes up.


What are siblings for???

People who don’t know me well and find this out tend to think it’s funny at first to say it a lot. And then I get sort of angry. I mean, why would you do that? NOT nice. For the most part, I can laugh at myself about just about anything, but this seriously skeeves me out. Yes, I realize I am a total lunatic. What’s new?

Danielle's Bachelorette Weekend 004 - Copy

If you don’t believe me, you can ask her how well it went over. (It didn’t. Winking smile)

This extends to TV as well. Food Network is the biggest offender. I can’t imagine why on Earth someone would use that word to describe food as it is the opposite of appetizing. I don’t care if they’re making the best looking food on the planet—use that word once, and I’m out. Don’t want to hear about it! No thank you!


On the other hand, if I’m in a social situation and the word that shall not be named comes up, I try to move past it. A slight shudder might escape me, but for the most part, I can ignore it. And I prefer to.


Alright. Now that we’ve established that I’m totally normal and this is not at all neurotic behavior . . .

What random word skeeves you out?

I also hate “parabola.” And in case you have any doubts about that, I had to close my eyes while I typed it and am keeping them averted from said word because I can’t even stand to look at it.

Maybe this needs to be a Therapy Thursday topic. Confused smile


17 thoughts on “The Word That Shall Not Be Named

  1. I hate even typing it…but the word that creeps me out is….moist.
    YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! I hate hearing it, I hate reading it, I just hate that word….and when someone uses it, I too shudder. 😛

  2. LOL. This post is hilarious. And that pb oat jar looks amazing. You are genius!

    I can’t think of any words that gross me out. I find they all associate with something yummy. The one you mentioned above with chocolate [c**nks] and the one Amanda mentioned above with baked goods 🙂 They definitely can be used in super gross sentences, but for the most part I imagine yummy stuff first.

  3. Aww, you’re so cute that you have enough PB in your jar to make oats in a jar. I’m too busy scraping out every part that there is no PB left. I try to leave it for oats, but I just can’t. /end therapy Friday

  4. omg this is hilarious and I totally relate, Melissa! I agree that “the word” is totally unappetizing/unnecessary for peanut butter descriptions!! I have some very strange (strange to others, at least!) things that weird me out. I don’t like the word “patch” at all . . . I was just telling my husband how much I dislike the word the other day. Guess what horse I rode yesterday for a lesson . . . (not my choice!)? PATCHES. AAAAAH! And growing up, I had a phobia of napkins. Not only the word, but the actual napkins . . . themselves. Super weird, I know. I could go on, but this really is turning into therapy Friday, ha! 😉

  5. Ty says:

    A lot of people hate the word ‘moist’. But not me. Moist makes me super hungry and drooly.

    Your hated word doesn’t bother me but I agree that it doesn’t really sound ‘appetizing’.

    The only word that bothers me is “blood”. I’m actually hemophobic. I have no idea why and no control over it but thinking about/seeing blood will make me get really dizzy and eventually pass out.

    People, do indeed, love to torture me by throwing that word around and I don’t find it very nice either. -.-

        • onestamente,i resident evil vhecci li ho provati tutti sul gamecube, e posso dire ke l unica cosa che odiavo di questi giochi erano quei ***** di enigmi, per me soppravivere agli zombi vuol dire essere in citta o in una villa infestata da zombi e sparare per soppravivere ,non trovare una chiave con uno stemma e capire quale porta apre, comunque sono daccordo sul fatto che invece di fare uno sparatutto sui binari potevano essere dei remake dal n 0 al CODE VERONICA ,se poi riescono a darci un RESIDENT EVIL 5 per wii meglio ancora anke a costo di cambiare qualcosa sia a livello grafica e giocabilita

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