Monday Randomness

Well, hello! How was everyone’s weekend???

Mine was fun . . . busy . . . exciting . . . a little stressful . . . but overall very pleasant.

Highlights . . .





I actually didn’t take very many pictures this weekend, which is odd for me, but no biggie. That last photo is the “fitness room” in the basement of one of the condos I looked at on Saturday. Totally 80s, no? I kind of love it, though. Some of the finishes were a little quirky, but overall I really liked the place, so there’s a chance you’ll be seeing more of the 80s workout room! Although, I may need to invest in a leotard and legwarmers. I just wouldn’t feel right working out in there in “normal” clothes. Winking smile

Another highlight? Perhaps the highest highlight . . .

mich nd

This Michigan football team is trying to give me a heart attack, but I sort of love it. What an incredible game!!!!

I’m used to (winning) Michigan teams that come out in front and stay in front, so this suck in the first half, come out blazing in the second half business . . . well, it keeps things interesting. Yeah, let’s go with that. Anyway, I promise this will not turn into a football blog, but I love my Michigan football, so you may have to give me this one little thing for the next few months. I promise I won’t be too long-winded. Smile

I also started my training for the Sun Trust Half Marathon in Richmond this morning! I ran it last year, too, and love love love this race! Touted as “America’s Friendliest Marathon,” they have a full, a half, and an 8K. With the mild weather in Central Virginia, the beautiful course through the city, and lots of locals lining the streets to cheer you on, it was easily my favorite race last year! And hopefully this lady will be running it with me again!

Fall 2010 0091

It’s about 9 weeks out, and I’m excited! I used the Runner’s World Smart Coach tool again to come up with a training plan.


This is just the first 5 weeks, but I’m already planning on some tweaking. For instance, my first long run slotted for this Saturday is 13 miles. I haven’t run 13 miles since my half in June, so that will not be happening. I need to ramp in just a teensy bit more than that. Maybe 8? 10? That sounds a little more like it. With 9 weeks to go, I think I can afford to be a little conservative in the beginning.

I will also add in some strength training, but I’m not going to like it!!! I did buy a super cheap ($10 for 2 months!) gym membership through Groupon, and the gym offers lots of classes, so maybe I’ll be able to find something that makes me hate it less. Notice I didn’t say like it, just hate it less. That is the goal, my friends.


I promise to take lots of super cheesy photos in the process, too. I’m so tough with my 3 lb. weight. Don’t be jealous.

Also of possible interest, I’m having coffee this morning.


Real coffee. With caffeine. I gave it up back in July—at least the caffeinated part—and mostly, I’ve stuck to that. I have decaf here and there, but since it seems to be helping me sleep better, I’m trying to steer clear of the hard stuff. Winking smile

Not today, though! Oh no. I came in the house from my run, and I was jones-ing in a serious way. The smell. The taste. The feel of the mug in my hand . . . yeah. Add that to my list of issues.

Is that enough randomness for your Monday morning or what?

Pick yer poison . . .

What was the highlight of your weekend?

For sure that Michigan game for me!

Do you like football???

Um, YES! But I really only follow college football.

How do you train for a race? Do you use a training plan?

I just run. A lot. This will be my second time using a training plan. It helped me take 5 minutes off last time, so why not?

Are you a coffee drinker? How do you take it?

I have always liked my coffee black, but I do like a good flavored latte from time to time.

Have a great Monday, kids!


12 thoughts on “Monday Randomness

  1. I love all the questions for today btw!
    1. Highlight of weekend: last night going over to Candices (sweet n’ sour candi), playing “Corn hole”, drinking blue moon and eating an obscene amount of bad food.
    2. I LOVE FOOTBALL. End of statement.
    3. I am training for my first 10k. I have stopped lifting weights COMPLETELY and feel so badass for doing this. Haha. I’m loving it so far…running and yoga only!
    4. I am a habitual morning coffee girl. I do coffee (pumpkin spice blend right now),a dash of organic half n’ half, stevia, cinnamon, and sometimes a little vanilla extract. YUM.

  2. I don’t like football. Or coffee. Let’s focus on how we can be BFF because I like beer and desserts. Like, that second picture. THAT I like. And if that’s in front of me, it might not matter that sports is on. As long as I have a beer too.

  3. My bf is a hardcore Michigan fan! I’m an OSU fan haha…both my parents went there, but I’m not diehard- I don’t even really watch the games. My highlight of the weekend was the night out with friends on Friday! Can’t wait to hear more about your training!!

  4. The Michigan game was absolutely the highlight of my weekend! I was there!! Definitely the most exciting game I’ve ever been to, but I was having heart palpitations during the last 2 minutes. Holy cow. It’s great to be a Michigan wolverine!!! 🙂

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