House Hunters—Blog Edition!

Apartment shopping is fun. Mostly.

As I’ve said before, I’ve lived in numerous apartments and have moved more times than I can count. Since I’m hoping to stay put for a little while, and I have a tiny bit more cheddah to spend on rent this time around, I’ve been looking for a condo or townhouse that feels a little more homey than your typical apartment.

Well, a few weeks ago, I found a great condo—super cute, new carpet, fresh paint, modern fixtures. I got all excited about it and then realized it was tiny. Could I live there? Sure. But not comfortably for an extended period of time.

Back to the drawing board.

I hunted around and came up with a few more possibilities within my budget, so I dragged my family along with me to go see them on Saturday. We saw a small house, a townhouse, and a condo.

Of the 3, we all agreed the condo was by far the best option, so I spoke to the owner and I’m pretty much set to move in if I want! Exciting, right?

But then yesterday, my mom and I went back to give it a second look. The owner said I could paint, so I wanted to look at the rooms again so I could get some ideas.


I realized it had some 80s touches when I saw it the first time. Some “quirks” if you will that were less than ideal. But seeing it again yesterday?

Hmmmm . . .

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

We’ll start in the kitchen.


Assuming the floor underneath isn’t destroyed (which it very well may be), this is nice. But then there’s this island with, well . . .


Most of the main floor has white marble tile throughout, and there are a few that are decidedly icky. Not a big deal, but they do need to be replaced. But then there’s this.


Obviously, the place is torn apart right now, but let’s focus on the chandelier for a moment. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but this thing is just stuck up there in no man’s land. It’s not centered on anything or in a place where you might want a table. It’s just . . . awkward. Like a kid in the lunchroom with no where to sit.

Then there’s this.


I realize it’s a rental, but this is really taste-specific. I mean, WOW.

We also have a closet being marketed as a den . . .


Too tiny to really be functional, but kind of fun and whimsical. Unfortunately, this is across the hall.


But with a little neutral paint, it could be a nice bedroom. Plus, look at all of this light!


I really love that. And with the long, gray winter months ahead, I need all the natural light I can get! And I love the privacy on the back deck, too.


It also has a basement with a huge mirrored wall—aerobics class, anyone?


But this is by far my favorite part.


I totally need a leotard and legwarmers to workout in this room. And that ancient looking thing masquerading as a treadmill? I think it may be the original treadmill—like from Biblical times. It’s called a “Trotter,” and I don’t think I can run on it for fear of breaking the old lady!

On the other hand, I could make a mean workout video in there!


There was also some hideous 1980s carpet that I discovered when I lifted up some of the cardboard. Think swirly, splashy, purple, fuchsia, and turquoise. But really really worn down. Confused smile

So, I sent them a list of fixes that I would want before I move in. They weren’t super responsive to my requests, but I figure I’ll let them fix it up and at least get it into move-in condition and then I can decide. Who knows what else I might find underneath that cardboard!!!

But do you see the potential? I think it could be really cute. I know it’s just a rental, but I want it to be liveable. Am I being too picky?

How picky are you when it comes to renting?


21 thoughts on “House Hunters—Blog Edition!

  1. i love it! yes, there are a few ‘random’ odd things…but for the most part its pretty darn cute! i love looking down into the living area? and the deck! score!
    i hope they agree to fix the things you are requesting! is this near your parents home? how often will you be traveling?! do you fly or drive? just curious…and one last question…what helped you make your decision on your career change? i am considering a new position and very nervous. it is still healthcare, but completely different then what i am doing now….any suggestions would be GREAT! feel free to email me! xo

  2. Dennette says:

    Keep looking. This place will quickly become an eyesore and you’ll hate going home. Too dated and will require way too much disinfecting.

  3. Jill says:

    When I saw the kitchen I thought that you could make it your own. The tiled stairs, I thought ok interesting, The polka dots,hmmm. I think that your plan is a good one. See where they end with the place and then hopefully you can decide!! Good luck!!

  4. Ahhh your potential place reminds me of my childhood. I’m pretty sure I had the same design from the stairs in my room. Don’t judge.

    Should you move there, I FULLY expect you to make a workout DVD Jane Fonda style. There are no if’s and’s or but’s about it! 😉

    Wait it out and see what they do. If you’re not 100% keep looking. You want to love where you live, not hate it!

  5. Oh, you HAVE to get this place. I think you will regret it BIG TIME if you don’t live there…at least for a little while…especially since you are just renting it. You will be able to tell your grandchildren about this place! And the wallpaper in the basement? Priceless. Plus, its unique features will definitely be conversation starters when you entertain. 🙂 I would probably never buy this place, but for a fun, funky little rental, I would totally do it. It also looks like you have a good amount of space and lots of windows which will be really nice! I say go for it!

  6. See? I think that whole place is cute minus the pink room. Although, I could LIVE with a pink room if I had to for the rest of the place. Like,it could be an office or something. The look down to the fireplace with all the windows looks JUST like a friend’s house who lives in GA.

    • It IS cute, but dirty and in need of some shaping up. I think I could make it work. Oh, and the pink? That’s the master bedroom . . . I did get them to agree to paint it white, though, so that’s a step in the right direction!

  7. bubblymel says:

    That apartment is very quirky!! I love the 80’s gym room and can totally see you rocking a blue leotard and purple tights of course with matching sweat bands!! The stairs are hilarious but the kitchen looks ok! Can’t wait to hear what you have decided!

  8. Katie says:

    Wow. It definitely could be made into a great place with paint. The kitchen isn’t bad at all. It’s the current paint and patterns that are just . . . bad. The steps I might even be able to live with. But not that basement wall!

    • I agree. The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards taking it. And the basement? Well, it’s certainly a conversation piece! And I don’t have to go down there if I don’t want to, ya know?

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