Occasionally in my daily blog reading, I come across a recipe that makes me want to drop everything and cook.

Iowa Girl Eats did that to me today.

Now, Kristin’s food always looks AH-mazing, but this particular recipe spoke to me.

Perhaps because it’s one of my beloved paninis???

Since my Griddler is packed away in storage, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a panini. A gooey, crusty, crunchy panini . . . drooooool.

As soon as I saw Kristin’s recipe for a French onion soup-inspired panini, I knew what I needed for dinner tonight. Not wanted, but needed.


Filled with sweet, caramelized onions and creamy fontina cheese, this panini idea is absolutely genius.

I followed Kristin’s directions almost to a T—subbing in fresh thyme for the bay leaf and adding in a tiny bit of sugar at the end to really sweeten up my onions.

Kristin, you have never led me astray, and this is no exception. Phenomenal!!!


I literally have no words for how good this is. Seriously. Amazeballs.

And because I wanted to be a super copycat, I made her roasted broccoli to go on the side, too. Smile


See the brown bits??? As Anne Burrell says, “Brown food tastes good!”


Yes it does, Anne.


So now that I am pleasantly full and the wind is whipping around outside like nobody’s business, it’s time to sit in front of the fireplace and try to forget about how cold I’ve been all day. It was in the upper 80s and sunny in Richmond . . . but I didn’t have to eat dinner alone here. So there you go.

What’s the last recipe you saw in blogland that you had to have right.that.second???


8 thoughts on “Copycat

  1. WOW that looks cheeserifically YUMMY!! No words, no words Melissa, which is why I made ’em up! 😉 And even though you’re a tad cold in the Mich (do they call it that there, or am I making something else up or saying that totally annoys natives?!) — like you said, it probably feels so good to be with family! As they say, cold hands, warm heart!

    Last recipe in blogland that I decided I have to make is Mama Pea’s black bean burgers for our football pre-game party this Saturday! Still haven’t made ’em yet, but they’re on the docket. 🙂

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