The blog world seems to be having a collective orgasm over the return of pumpkin to our grocery store shelves. A pump-gasm? An or-pumpkin?

All I know is that everyone seems to be all hot and bothered by the fact that pumpkin is back in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pumpkin, but I suppose I’m just flirting with it right now rather than having a full on love affair.

That said, I do enjoy the deliciousness that is pumpkin, and given that it’s decorative gourd season, motherf*@#ers, I’ve been enjoying my fair share.

One of the things to love about pumpkin is that it can be sweet or savory, which to me is some kind of paradox in the food universe. I mean, how can something that is the cornerstone of Thanksgiving dessert also become soup and enchiladas? It’s a mystery, my friends. A mystery.

pumpkin identity crisis

In an effort to embrace the versatile gourd, I’ve incorporated pumpkin into several meals and snacks lately. Wanna see? Wanna see?

First, we have the sweet.


That’d be your typical pumpkin smoothie in a bowl: vanilla protein powder, coconut milk, pumpkin, cinnamon, frozen banana, and ice cubes for extra thickness.


Cool, creamy, and seasonally scrumptious.

Then, I had an unexpectedly savory experience with pumpkin.


A toasty English muffin with pumpkin and crunchy roasted almond butter with flaxseeds from Trader Joes (<—un.freaking.believable).


I thought it would be sweet because of the almond butter, but the pumpkin somehow took it to a (very delicious) savory place. Magically delicious!

And you know I couldn’t go pumpkin without going in the oatmeal direction.


I mix the pumpkin into the milk while it’s heating on the stove, along with cinnamon, a little sugar because savory oats just sound gross to me, and some vanilla.


Topped with melty almond butter, the pumpkin makes these oats get pillowy soft and creamy. Mmmm mmmm good.

So now that I’ve ripped off my pumpkin descriptions from Lucky Charms and Campbell’s soup, I need to know how you’re having your way with pumpkin this fall. Are you into it? Or is it overrated?


13 thoughts on “Pump-gasm?

  1. savory oats gross me out too, not that i’ve ever tried them.

    i haven’t switched to pumpkin yet, it’s just too hot to consider it fall in Houston. i’ll get there one day… mmm but now that we’re talking about it, pumpkin bread does sound good. guess i’ll have to bust out that can of pumpkin in my pantry soon!

    oh and totally stealing your english muffin topped with pumpkin and almond butter – that looks DELICIOUS.

    • Oh, you HAVE to steal it! And pumpkin bread . . . yeah, that sounds pretty amazing right now. Although I cannot be controlled around baked goods so I need to find a way to make like, 1 pumpkin muffin or something!

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