Therapy Thursday: I Don’t Get the Internet

It’s time for another edition of Therapy Thursday, kids!


As if the multitude of young and old people “ma’am-ing” me all the time doesn’t make me feel old enough, my continuing confusion about the World Wide Web has been seriously stressing me out this week. There’re several things I really don’t get, and it makes me feel old. And dumb. But mostly old.


Add this and other addictions of the early ‘90s to the list of reasons for my old and dumb feelings.

1. Google +


I know I’m supposed to be excited about this, but I super don’t get it. In fact, I only want to be on Google + because the first time I tried to access it, they told me no. As in, “You need to be invited to Google +. We’ll let you know when we have room for you.” You can imagine how well that went over.

kidding me

{Unrelated fun fact: I loved me some Wonder Woman when I was little. I used to run around the house saying, “I’m Wonder Woooooman!!!!”}

Someone, please explain to me the advantages of Google + other than that it is some supposedly elite club??? Plus, when am I supposed to find the time to learn a new social networking site? Especially one that looks like this?!

google plus what

I mean, Google plus what??? You know, I can barely get the hang of Facebook before they change it again, and now I’m supposed to learn this, too? Somehow I don’t see it happening.

2. Facebook

Speaking of Facebook, if your feed is anything like mine, it’s blowing up with people angry that Facebook has redesigned itself again.

facebook ecard

Truly, I can’t blame them. There were things about Facebook that I didn’t get before, but now I super don’t get it.

And that new mini-feed thing going on in the upper right hand corner? It’s making my eye twitch. For reals. As if the internet didn’t make me ADD enough as it is, Facebook had to go and give me even more distractions within their page.

facebook while u facebook

Um, exactly.

But I think my little sis summed it up best with her status yesterday.



3. Comment notifications

Last but not least, what is up with comment notifications on blogs? I used to get an email whenever a blogger responded to my comment, but no more! Am I the only one? Have I somehow been blacklisted from such notifications? I’m feel lost and confused. What’s a girl to do?

OJ teeth

It’s traumatic, ya know? I mean, I would love to stalk all of your blogs like crazy just in case you’ve left me a follow up comment, but there are just not enough hours in the day.


Whatcha got?

What’s making you feel old & dumb this Therapy Thursday?

I’d love to hear about your first world problems. Please, friends. Let’s share.


17 thoughts on “Therapy Thursday: I Don’t Get the Internet

  1. I used to spin around and pretend I was going to turn into Wonder Woman. True story.
    Email responses to comments are dependent on what that blogger has set up. My blog doesn’t do that because I’m not self-hosted, but self-hosted sites with the plug in for it will do that.

  2. I do get emails when people leave comments and/or reply to my comments but half the time those emails end up in my spam email folder which i super don’t get because why do half of them get through and half of them not?

    as for facebook, well, i just choose to not log in and when i do i just quickly update my status with my latest blog post and sign off. i don’t sit on facebook and hang out anymore and i definitely don’t try to understand what changes they’ve made, it’s overwhelming and i have too much else going on to be stressed about whatever facebook has decided is best for my life. i should just delete it. except i don’t even think you can really.

    • Well, I used to get emails when you replied and now I don’t. 😦 Why, God, WHY????

      I think I’ll adopt your FB approach. Except some friends use it to get in touch with me and if I don’t login then I won’t see that. #firstworldproblem

  3. Lisa says:

    i can’t wrap my brain around why people are obsessed right now with using instagram for their pics..i think thats the program that does it? makes them look all old time-y and blurry.. someone posted some pictures of this amazing bathroom in a hotel suite they were staying in and bc of that program it made the bathroom tile just look dingy and gross.
    take a normal pic..the quality is amazing today why are you wanting to go back to when it was crappy !

  4. lets see…..this has been a horrible week. i am stressed about my job, my life, my job, hhhmmm. i guess that sums it up, now doesnt it?!? things that make me feel old….well, i just saw that drew barrymore is the new exec. producer of the new charlies angels. say whaaaaa? i used to LOVE getting my charlies angel game on with the girls in the neighborhood… yes we were dorks. what can i say?

    • Oh my gosh, Terri, that sounds so fun though!!! Sorry you're having a tough week. 😦 Maybe you need to pretend to be an angel and that will cheer you up! 😉 ~ Melissa

  5. I don’t know what google+ is either! And I’m not sure I really care to sign up and figure it out haha. And there are only a few blogs that I used to receive comment reply notifications from that I now don’t- what I’m wondering is if their plug-in needs updated and they haven’t done that yet!

  6. Love these! It’s so true- we can all complain about facebook, but most of us aren’t going to quit. If we aren’t going to quit, then what’s the use in complaining and making ourselves feel angry, stressed, or anxious? agh. First world problems, right? 🙂

  7. Here’s some insight. Google+ is now open to the public and it’s only worth joining if a majority of your friends already use it – otherwise nothing is going on over there.

    If you don’t like the changes facebook implemented this week, there are more coming. I watched the f8 conference key note yesterday and they are completely redesigning the profile page – as much as people will whine, I genuinely think it will be an awesome change. It’s WAY different though.


    • Yeah, I think I'll just stick to FB. I don't really mind the changes–I've always been able to figure them out before! Good to have a heads up, though! 🙂 ~ Melissa

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