Friday Favs

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! (<—that would be my excited for Friday chant, in case you wondered what the hell I was doing)

I have a lot of work to do today, but it’s ok because it’s almost the weekend! Weeeeeee!!!

Here’s what I’m loving this week . . .

Matt Nathanson—Faster


I can’t help but turn this up and sing along. Such a happy, fun song! Admittedly, he doesn’t look all that cute in the video (IMO), but I still love the song.

H&M for Home

hm home

Did you know H&M has a home store now? I love this adorable shower curtain and the coordinating towels, but sadly it’s only available in the UK. C’mon H&M. Can’t you ship it to me? Pretty please???

New Girl


Please watch. Or if you’re not going to, I will for you. I’ve already watched the first episode at least 3 times. Obsessed, much?



The jeans I ordered last week from Express came in the mail, and they are PERFECT!!! So, they make this week’s list again. The fit is fantastic—so much so that I’m thinking about getting another pair. The only problem is that they are essentially a chastity belt in jean form. Not that it’s an issue because I’m obviously not getting busy all the time, but when you have to go to the bathroom and there are 5 buttons to contend with, it’s a little bit of a problem.

Tilted Bowls

tilted bowls

How fun are these?!? I want to buy about a gazillion of them.

Bridesmaid Wine

bridesmaid wine

Since I’m always a bridesmaid, I guess this is fitting for me, right??? Honestly, though, this is such a delicious big red. Lots of layered flavors. YUM!

White Dishes

white dishes

Oh, Crate and Barrel, you tug at my heartstrings. I have been wanting white dishes for a while now, but these are my absolute favorites. Simple. Clean. Pretty. Want want want!!!

Cornbread Topped Chili in a Jar

cornbread chili

Kristin is a genius. I dated a guy once who had never heard of having cornbread with chili and thought it was weird that I liked it. That was obviously a dealbreaker.

Furry Things


I am obsessed with the idea of incorporating a furry rug into my bedroom at the new condo. I have hardwood floors in my bedroom, and I think it would be so nice to have a furry rug underfoot when I get up in the morning.

Almond Butter


I have been having a serious love affair with this almond butter with roasted flaxseeds from Trader Joe’s. Yesterday afternoon, I realized I’d missed my AB fix for the day and got a serious jones for it. I think I’ve eaten it in some form almost every single day for the last month. Highly addicting.

What are you in love with this week???


12 thoughts on “Friday Favs

  1. I am so excited for my Justin’s Almond & Peanut Butter Shipment to get here today! And by here, I mean San Francisco, which also excites me!!! Happy FRIDAY!!!

  2. survivingcandyland says:

    I totally missed New Girl premiere this week. I hope I will be able to find it somewhere online. I love her so much, she is hilarious.

  3. Haha, yes that sounds like a dealbreaker to me too! Another dealbreaker when it comes to buys, is if they dont like to eat 😮 Its the worst thing ever! Not so hot!!
    This week I have been loving: Wine with my friends, roasted pumpkin, perfect fall weather and lots of long walks to get the most out of it, yoga, Dr Phil, weekend off, yummy food, chocolate. So many things!!
    Happy weekend 🙂

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