Hello friends!

I’m in DC tonight with an achingly slow internet connection (which cost me $12.95 thankyouverymuch!), so I’m going to try to keep this snappy in hopes that it loads quickly!

Thankfully, today’s travels were without incident, and my flight was on time, the seat next to me was empty, and I even took the Metro right to the right stop. Travel winning!


Then the real glamour happened folks. Oh yeah.


I found a wine store less than a block from the hotel and picked up this twist off bad boy. Turns out, not only do the airlines frown upon carrying on liquids more than 3 oz., they also discourage sharp objects like wine openers. Now who would use that as a weapon?! It’s a gift from God!

waiters corkscrew-01

I picked up a rather lackluster flatbread pizza from Cosi for dinner.


It looked delish.


It sounded delish.


It failed to deliver.

Ah, well. Can’t win ‘em all. At least I was smart enough to pick up a giant cookie while I was there.


Now THAT was delicious.

So here’s what I’m looking at tonight.


It’s real glamour, kids. REAL glamour.

Honestly, I always thought traveling for work would be sort of fancy, but for me it mostly consists of room service or takeout consumed on my hotel bed, workouts in sub-par “fitness centers,” and a whole lotta meetings. Not awful, but glamorous?


Pretty sure this isn’t what Fergie had in mind.

And incidentally, what does, “flossy flossy” mean??? Please educate me. Maybe then I’ll be more glamorous???

One thing I am excited about? New Girl is on tonight!!! Open-mouthed smile

new girl adYAY! I love it! I love her. Smile 

What are you watching tonight???


22 thoughts on “Glamorous

  1. ohhhh i want to watch that toooo!!! i am watching RINGER! have you seen it yet? i really liked it. kind of intriquing, mysterious, sexy….but my new fav is the heart of dixie with rachel bilson. love love love it!!! i am a sucker for a southern drawl……its adorable on a girl and HOT on a man!!!! have fun tonight!xo

    • I forgot to watch Heart of Dixie! I love Rachel Bilson, so I need to find that one online!

      I haven’t seen Ringer yet, but I loved Person of Interest. Did you catch that one??? So so good!

  2. I watched Glee tonight. And it made me realize how much I hate that show. I’m probably the only one in the world. But good Lord, I can’t stand it. Also watched New Girl! It’s ok. I know you love it. I think the 3 guys are funny and I loooove Zooey but right now her character is so pathetic that she’s not funny or endearing to me. Still giving it a chance tho!
    Also, let me say that I LOVE that you know that the comma goes INSIDE the quotation marks. #AnalWriter

    • You know, I had Glee on tonight, and I can’t stand it, either. Waaaay too whiney. New Girl wasn’t as good this week, so that sucks. But I did watch Person of Interest last week, and I think that will be a good one.

      And of course I know that rule. Drives me nuts when “famous” bloggers mess that one and so many other basics up. #bitchy

      Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless

  3. We discussed Cosi’s gigantic cookies last week. Didn’t get one, unfortunately. Next time!!

    Work travel is all about the food for me. Totally not glamorous though.

    We are catching up on TV from last week (watched Person of Interest – it was OK) – and watched Ringer (still holding on – only b/c of SMG). My favorite is still Revenge.

  4. It’s always interesting when we realize that what we imagined to be fantastic isn’t quite as fantastic as we originally thought! There is something a bit adventurous about what you’re doing now, which is great! That cookie looks delicious!

  5. I really enjoy that you used the word “lackluster” to describe your pizza, that’s awesome.

    And since I’m posting this on Wednesday tonight I’ll be watching Modern Family, Happy Endings, & Revenge and I.can’t.wait. Wednesday is my new favorite TV night. In keeping with this post though, last night I watched Biggest Loser. I love that show.

    • Everyone is gaga over Revenge and I thought it was just ok. Maybe I need to give it another go tonight. I really liked Person of Interest. That's on tomorrow and I can't wait! ~ Melissa

  6. I traveled for 6 years on the road – I so know this post! Wine in cheap hotel cup – take out- laptop – tv —all while in bed. 🙂 What is glamorous is all those frequent flier miles, upgrades and hotel points! 🙂
    I missed New Girl last night – have to download… The 1st episode was SO funny!
    xoxo from Houston

  7. Jill says:

    I love traveling for work – room service, gloming all those little body lotions and shampoos and using an obscene amount of towels. I know I’m politically incorrect!!

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