Friday Favs—Travel Edition (Kinda)

Soooo, no Therapy Thursday yesterday. I was running like a crazy person all day long with meetings all day in DC and a delayed and bumpy flight back to Michigan last night. Needless to say, by the time I finally got to the airport in DC, getting myself a glass of wine and some food at the airport bar took priority over blogging. I tweeted instead. Smile


My blogging BFF responded, so I shared this with her as well.


Airport romance? I think not. To escape, I went in search of my favorite airport treat, only to find they didn’t have it.


It was truly a traumatic travel experience. Winking smile

Anyway, I do have a great Therapy Thursday topic weighing on me, but I’m going to save it for y’all (sorry, I miss the South) until next Thursday.


I know. The anticipation might kill you.

{Incidentally, anyone else have this game for the original Nintendo??? Man, I loved that game!}

Onto my favorites for the week!

Michael Vartan


OK, maybe he’s a favorite for every week, but Michelle mentioned Alias the other day, and it got Mr. Vartan on my mind. I’m not really one to salivate over celebrities, but I’ve had a crush on this guy for about 10 years. No biggie.

White Bookcases


Let’s be real: I’m coveting a lot about this room: the soft blue walls, the different styles of chairs, the white and silver accents. Honestly, though, decorating isn’t exactly my strong suit, so my chances of executing this kind of cuteness in my own home are pretty slim. The bookcases, though? I can definitely do that. I’m thinking I might need them in my new home office. Love the clean lines.

Everything on How Sweet It Is


I’ve been reading Jessica’s blog for a really long time—it was one of the first I started following—and she is hilariously adorable. But not only does she have pretty much the cutest personality ever, she makes insanely delicious concoctions. Seriously. Go to her blog and see if you can leave without being hungry. Oh, and that milkshake up there? It has Jack Daniels in it. INSANE!

Tempo Runs

Fall 2010 23

Because I’m totally crazy. Wednesday’s run this week was a tempo run on the treadmill, and I.FREAKING.LOVEDIT!!!! I even ran an extra half mile at the tempo pace because I was enjoying it so much. Yes, I realize I may need to be committed.

Sampling the Local Fare


Duh. New policy: branching out in my dinner choices when I travel. I don’t love going out to eat alone, but it’s stupid to miss out just because I don’t want to go somewhere by myself.

Ann Taylor Ads


To be clear, I am not a fan of Demi Moore. She comes off as overly pretentious, and it just bugs me. I do admire her ability to seemingly not age—that is sheer magic—but otherwise, she doesn’t really do it for me. These ads, however? Gorgeous. If this came in a bottle, I would buy it. I could settle for the wardrobe, but I’m not quite sure I could pull it off. Oh, and the price tag isn’t encouraging, either. But still—prettyful.

Wine + Crafts


I am one of those people who wants desperately to be crafty, but I just don’t have it in me. This project, however, I do think I could pull off. Since my last initial is ‘W,’ I’m thinking I need to make one of these. Time to start collecting corks! Better get drinking. Open-mouthed smile


Oh, poor Johan. If you need a laugh, this is the place to go. I dare you to go check it out and NOT laugh out loud. Dare.

challenge accepted

Oh, and I have one little confession before I go . . .


Couldn’t resist. Winking smile

Have a great one, friends!

What are you loving this week???


18 thoughts on “Friday Favs—Travel Edition (Kinda)

  1. I loved Alias. I watched it a lot in college, and enjoyed it- Vaughn was fantastic:) I’m such a big fan of “how sweet it is” and I wish she could cook for me every day:)

    Another thing I’m loving- My hazelnut candle. YUMMMMMM.

  2. Ahh this was a really cute post. I share your love of Jessica and How Sweet It is…one of my first favs and I’m never disappointed. Secondly,. autocorrect kills me daily so I feel ya there! Anyway, newer reeader here, looking forward to reading more 🙂

  3. I love looking at funny autocorrects! They can be pretty horrifying if we get caught with them in an inappropriate moment, but when it happens to me with someone close to me, it’s hilarious! Today I’m really loving some pioneer woman recipes. delicious & fun to make. I’m trying to do a better job with cooking. It’s hard for one person though!

    • Totally! Once, my sister sent me a text that said, “I just had a bunch of orgies and I feel SO much better.” I was like, “ummm . . .” Yeah, she meant OREOS!!! Yikes!

      I feel ya on the cooking for one! I’ll be doing more of that again soon since I move into my new place this weekend, so I’ll try to get some more good recipes for ya! 🙂

  4. My random thoughts from reading this post:
    I cannot read DYAC without crying because it’s so damn funny.

    We really need to bring back the Vartan. I know he was on that Nurse show with Jada Pinkett Smith – but I couldn’t watch it.

    Thanks for the new blog suggestion — Jessica has been added to my G-reader! Her stuff looks amazing.

    Umm – and yes you are crazy for loving Tempo runs.

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