I Will Prevail!

Happy Friday, folks!

I’m actually excited about this weekend, even though I’ll be working the whole time. But more on that in a quick sec.

Last night, dinner with the grandparents was cancelled, but we still had to eat so we ended up at The Quarter Bistro.


Remember when Mom and I went there a few weeks ago?


Yeah, this time there wasn’t any wine leftover to bring home in my purse. But we did have wine! (Naturally).


And calamari, which was good, but not the best I’ve ever had.


For dinner, I ordered the whitefish special—bronzed and topped with shrimp and scallops.


Sadly, it was also topped with a lot of oil. As in swimming. Dripping. Drenched. Sad smile

The veggie succotash alongside it looked really good!


But it was quite possibly even oiler than the fish! They steamed some broccoli for me instead, but it was covered in butter, too. Am I weird in that I actually like the taste of veggies and don’t want them covered in that stuff?

The fried rice was good, though!


And I don’t even usually like rice!

Since I wasn’t loving my meal, Mom shared one of her veal tortelloni with me.


Seriously seriously delicious.

Dad also offered me a taste of his duck,


but I can’t do duck.

I can, however, do this


That would be toffee mousse pie. Or cake. Or something. Does it really matter? It was amazing.

The server brought extra forks, but I don’t share dessert. Sorry, Mom and Dad (and anyone who dines with me)! I’m greedy with my desserts. If you want dessert, you’re going to have to get your own. Open-mouthed smile

This morning, I did a little Bethenny yoga to stretch myself out before my long run tomorrow. Yoga makes me happy. See?


I also told Rachael I’d join her in her new strength training plan starting today (just twice a week!), but since I have 13 miles on the docket for tomorrow, I decided to hold off. Sorry muscles.


You’re going to have to wait for your workout until Sunday. Incidentally, why do I always look like a crazy person when I take strength training related photos???

Here’s my attempt at normal.


Nailed it? Not quite. I’ll keep working at it.

I also decided to bake pumpkin pie muffins this morning!


Doesn’t it kind of look like it has a face??? Can you see it???

So the muffins . . .


Looked totally tasty . . .


And were totally . . . bad. Bad bad bad. This is my second recipe fail in as many days. It followed up this


A banana coconut pancake that should have been delicious. But wasn’t.

But I shall prevail! I used to be good at baking. I don’t think that just goes away, so I’m going to try again. But probably not tomorrow.

So the work-filled weekend ahead? It involves executing this!

yellow and gray

Yep, I’m going to work on setting up my office! This afternoon, I’m headed to Ikea for my desk, chair, rug and bookcases. At the very least, I want to get that stuff all assembled. I’m hoping to pick out some paint and paint the room, too. It may have to wait until I find the bedding I want to pick out paint, but I might be able to do it without. We shall see!

I’m just glad to be excited about the whole thing!

Holy long post, Batman!

What are you up to this weekend?


18 thoughts on “I Will Prevail!

  1. Your muffin totally looks like huge lips and it depresses me that you don’t really strength train and yet your guns (yes, guns) are so sculpted and pretty. I am jealous. I strength train and can’t get them to pop that much. Expect me to be tweeting you on Sunday to get your weights on, 13 miles tomorrow is a totally acceptable reason to skip them today 🙂 have a fantastic Friday friend!

  2. ohhh emmm geeee! i love these colors! i am doing my bedroom in grey, yellows and blacks and i love how it all flows! where did you find the happy print??? i LOVE it! good luck getting all your stuff assembled and getting nestled into your new office! isnt it exciting setting up fun stuff?! xo

    • Loving that color combo, too. So pretty! I can’t wait! I think the print was on etsy? I’m excited to assemble everything and hopefully paint! I really feel like that will make it feel more finished, ya know? 😀

  3. Girl, whenever I go to a restaurant and order steamed veggies I ALWAYS tell them no butter or oil. I do that with any sandwich I order too – make sure there’s no butter on the bun.
    I’ve found I really like regular steamed veggies with a little soy sauce on them.

    • Well, I figured that after I sent the first set back, they’d leave ’em “clean” for me, but no dice. Soy sauce on green beans is one of my favs! Salt = yum.

  4. Ummm YUM on dinner! I would pass on the duck too. It’s too…something.

    Sucks about the muffin because it looks so pretty! You didn’t accidently put chili powder on it did you??

    You WILL prevail with the baking — although, I can’t bake to save my life. Except cookies. I think those are too easy to mess up!

    Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

    • I think duck is gamey. And oily. Not a fan.

      Yeah, I need to bake cookies–even when they’re bad, they’re good. 🙂

      Hope you have a great weekend, too!!!

  5. Haha! You always make me smile 🙂 I totally see the sad little muffin face. Although, as I was reading and scrolling down, I was hoping that they turned out well, because they look delish. Anywho. I also love how sharing desserts is a no-can-do for you. Sometimes I try to share with the hus, but he better get started *fast* or he hasn’t a prayer. 😉

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