Weekend Randomness

Whew! This weekend has been non-stop! Quite a departure from the weekends I spent alone in Richmond, that’s for sure! I suppose this is why I came back to Michigan, but now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Not complaining, though! Fun was had!

Friday night, I met up with the girls from my restaurant working days for dinner and some comedy.


We had Indian for dinner before the show. I ate this. It had chicken in it. That’s pretty much all I know. Winking smile


I do like Indian food, but I don’t have it all that much, so I’m slightly uneducated about it. {Bad blogger!}

Something I do know, however, is that Lynne Koplitz was HI-lariious!!! Sometimes, you go to see a comedian and you laugh, but it’s not that funny. Lynne had us rolling. Not surprising, given she has her own Comedy Central special and spars with Joan Rivers on Joan Knows Best?


Saturday morning, I ran 10 easy miles in the wind and enjoyed every last second. Much better than last Saturday’s 13 miles of pain. Then I got ready to watch Michigan beat the pants off of Michigan State!!!


Except that didn’t happen. It was a total sh*t show. Neither team played all that well, but Michigan was atrocious. I’m still upset about it. So let’s not speak of it any longer, OK?

We can talk about the food, though!


Spinach dip (I DIE!), cream cheese with pepper jelly, Wheat Thins (which are unfairly addictive), BBQ beef, brownies, and raspberry bars. Oh, and this took the edge off, too.


An extra spicy Bloody Mary with a pickle! Are you a Bloody Mary fan? YUM! I love ‘em!

My contribution to the spread was . . .

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

For a crowd

2 cups shredded cooked chicken

1/2 cup Frank’s Red Hot

1/2 cup reduced fat blue cheese

6 oz. plain fat free Greek yogurt

8 oz. light plain cream cheese

1/2 tsp. onion powder

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

crackers, chips, celery or whatever you like for dipping

Mix all ingredients until combined. Heat in 325* oven for 15-20 minutes or microwave for ~5 minutes. Stir and serve with dippers!


It might not look like much, but I assure you, it was delish! Even the guys loved it (I didn’t advertise the skinny part)! This is pretty spicy, but totally delish! Loved it with those Wheat Thins (seriously, why are they so good?!?)!

Today, my sister was home from school, so we had a girls’ day with Mom and headed to the outlet malls. It was a fun little shopping excursion, and I even netted a few finds from Under Armour. I never buy myself workout clothes because, let’s face it, who cares what I look like when I’m working out? But, as my mom pointed out, I spend half my life working out, so I might as well look good! I’m excited to rock ‘em!

I also enjoyed this:


Yep, that’d be a pumpkin pie blizzard. It was everything I hoped for and more. This will be repeated in the near future.

I also spied these at Five Below and immediately tweeted Paula.


Halloween Peeps???? Can I get a what WHAT?!?!

They had several varieties


but I had to go for the ghosties! I’ll enjoy them for you, Paula! Winking smile

In other news, I’m back to not sleeping. I haven’t had any caffeine in ages, but I can’t seem to quiet my mind enough to fall asleep or stay asleep the last few days. Needless to say, it’s making me incredibly crabby. Tonight I have a date with the couch and my DVR. Here’s hoping for an early bedtime!

Do you like Indian food?

What’s your go-to dish to bring to a party?

Have you experienced the deliciousness of a pumpkin pie blizzard yet??


12 thoughts on “Weekend Randomness

  1. I’m sorry about the Michigan game! Texas also didn’t have a good day in football, so I know how it feels, boo! But at least you got to spend a fun weekend with the fam and friends!! 🙂

    I like Indian food, but I can be pretty picky about it. And you know my go-to party dishes already from our pre-game party! Hope you’re having a relaxing night! 🙂

  2. My go-to is baked brie. Roll out crescent roll dough, place wheel of brie on top, add blackberry jam, and then fold the dough up around the brie. Then bake! Super easy and a crowd favorite. Can’t go wrong with melted cheese!

  3. LOL on the Peeps. You know Paula so well. Pretty soon they are going to have Veteran’s Day Peeps.

    It’s sad that I don’t even know if FSU won yesterday. Guess I should go check that out. It’s been a disappointing season – despite the hype.

    Woot for Bloody Mary’s! I wouldn’t have ever thought to put a pickle in mine, but definitely doing that next time. (Like next weekend.) And my drinks (yes, there was more than one) really needed to be spicier.

    Sounds like my kind of weekend!!

    • I added a few dashes of hot sauce and used this new (to me) kind of mix called Zing Zang. You should look for it. And the pickle was KEY! Can’t believe I never thought of that before!

  4. I keep hearing about the pumpkin pie blizzard. Sweet Jesus I’m not going to come out of this holiday season alive.
    Oh, and I love me some bloody mary’s. EXTRA spicy. With EXTRA olives. But I need to be way in the mood for it.
    Did you have one of those peeps yet? Last night, I felt an aura of delicious but I wasn’t eating anything so I thought it had to be you.

    P.S. About the sleep – download a rain maker app on your phone/iPod and play it while you’re going to see to see if that helps. Hubs and I have one that was free and we use it all the time. It really helps! It actually has all sorts of sounds like, ocean, thunder, etc.

    • One peep? Really, Paula. Who eats ONE PEEP??? Yes, I ate them. I’m sure that’s what you were feeling. 😀

      I have a rain machine. Maybe I need to switch up the sound? I took a Xanax last night and it was amazing.

  5. Jill says:

    Your family is so CUTE – I can definitely see why you moved to MI!!

    For the sleeping, have you ever tried Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra – not the regular Sleepytime – this is more “hardcore”. I got it by the supplement aisle in Walmart. I have found it to help me to go to sleep and stay asleep but not feel groggy in the am – good luck!!

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