Crabby Friday

It’s Friday, and I’m supposed to be happy about that, but I’m crabby.



I got a ticket this morning. Sad smile Apparently, I failed to stop for a school bus that I never even saw. And of course I would stop for a school bus! But it was on this 4 lane divided highway type of road in a town I’m not familiar with, and I almost hit a guy who pulled out in front of me and then promptly slammed on his breaks. I guess he saw the bus??? Anyway, I’m still confused about the whole thing.

Confused to the tune of $285.

Yeah. If that won’t put a damper on your Friday, I don’t know what will.

Ugh. So I took myself to Trader Joes and bought a bunch of nut butter.


This is a totally normal and healthy way to handle this situation.

I’m planning to stockpile even more before the price of peanut butter goes up in November. Apparently, this is due to the lack of rain in Texas and the extra acreage devoted to peanut farming in the United States. I’m not sure how that adds up to PB at $4 a jar, but I’m not thrilled about it.


In other news, Captain Corvette sent me a message asking if I’d like to get together again.

pinky1So, things aren’t all that bright and shiny around here this Friday, but I am happy about one thing—I got barstools for the island in my kitchen!


Please excuse the mess.

At least the place is starting to come together a little bit more, which definitely makes me happy.  I’m also thinking that the frustration of today will lead to an excellent 14 miler tomorrow morning—I always have better runs when I’m mad or upset about something. It’s like I’m chasing down the endorphins or something, ya know?

Here’s hoping your Friday is going better than mine! I’m looking forward to 5 o’clock and this:



17 thoughts on “Crabby Friday

  1. Jill says:

    I am having the same kind of Friday. Bummer about the ticket!! $285 is just WRONG!! I would be having a better day if it were sunny and the clouds just went away!! 🙂 Here’s to things getting better!!

  2. Aww, that’s a rough way to start the morning! It’s one thing if you’re intentionally speeding or something, but when it’s an honest mistake, it’s just all around a frustrating experience. I’m sure that $285 is very difficult to swallow:(

  3. Boo on tickets. Last year I got a ticket for going 30 in a school zone. It was the first day of school and I had NO idea that school had started. So I feel ya on the school/ticket suckiness. In other grand news though – at least tomorrow is Saturday, at least you will have wine tonight (me too!), and at least you WILL have an awesome run tomorrow. And I will mentally be running 10 of your 14 with you. Well I mean, I’ll actually be running 10 so mentally I’ll picture running with you! Worked like a charm for me last weekend, so I imagine it’ll work for you too 😛

  4. awwww sorry, doll. that stinks! i just literally wrote a check yesterday for 184.00 for a speeding ticket. boo. i am sorry yours was a lot more.
    the house and bar stools look amazing. i just bought a dining set that i LOVE. it is the high top table. i only have two chairs together yet, but still….i need some bar stools for my bar as well, yours are adorable!everything is coming together nicely for you.
    cheers to your 5 oclock drinkie!

  5. MAJOR BUMMER. So sorry for you:( I hope your night has gotten much better then the start to the day, and I’m sure the wine has helped just a bit. And, I mean…have you REALLY thought this through? Are you sure you want to pass on the pinky ring? 😉

  6. Did you TELL the officer that $285 is at least 2 pairs of running shoes? I think he would have been more lenient if you did. 😉 I think you need to make some of that blueberry cobbler/crisp stuff to cheer yourself up. And post a picture of it to cheer me up.

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