OK, I’m going to be a little mushy today.

On a personal level, I’ve been a little blue for the last month or so, and I’m really trying hard to power through it and keep it off of the blog as much as possible. I just want all of you to know that I think you’re great. You might not know it, but reading your blogs makes my days so much better. So thanks for writing them–they make me happy! And those of you who comment? I adore you, too! Thanks for caring enough to read my little old blog! Y’all are the best!

Just had to get that out.

Onto other things . . .

I love reading everyone’s Friday Favorite posts–this is a trend I really enjoy around the blog world. Since I’m feeling the blog love today, I wanted to share my favorite posts from around the blog world this week.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies on Annie’s Eats

How fun are these? Annie has a lot more talent for these types of things than I do, but I love how these came out!

2. Winged Eyeliner at A Cup of Joe

Joanna is the cool New York girl I always wanted to be after college. Love her blog.

3. Monster Mint-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes at Chocolate Covered Katie

A healthy cupcake with a holiday theme? Yes, please!

4. Michelle’s generational TV post . . . it reminded me how much I used to love Life Goes On.

Oh, how I wanted to be Becca Thatcher with the hot Jesse McKenna for my boyfriend. Good, wholesome, early-90s entertainment.

5. Paula wrote about Halloween Anxiety . . .

although I have no idea why because all of her costumes were super fun and creative! I could totally relate to this, though. I never put all that much thought into my Halloween costume, but then I panic the week before and worry that I won’t have anything to wear. I love to dress up, though, so I always figure something out.

6. Pretty much everything Rachael says, but especially this.

Why hide the truth, right? #twinsies

7. Jessica of How Sweet It Is is usually trying to kill me with brown butter and bacon (which I’m not at all opposed to), but I loved the looks of this, too.

Roasted Autumn Panzanella Salad? Hello! Plus, she is hysterically funny. Read that post. Make that salad (for me). Thanks.

8. Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats made meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting.

I know. I usually make my meatloaf in muffin tins (Party of One friendly!), but this takes it to the next level. Not that I’m surprised. Kristin is pretty much a genius.

9. The always darling Lindsay of In Sweetness and in Health shared some great stress relievers, including dancing it out.

I need to do this more often. Plus, is that scene from the Proposal not one of the funniest things ever???? How can you not laugh at that?

10. Beautiful Claire shared a recipe for Pumpkin Granola.

Now I just need her to come make me some. 😉

11. Rachel Wilkerson wrote one of the most interesting posts to me: Beauty Booty: My First Weave.

Truly, I don’t really understand all that goes into caring for a black woman’s hair (or a half black woman, in Rachel’s case), but I was completely fascinated by this! In case you’re curious, you should totally check it out. Doesn’t she look amazing???

Happy Friday, blog friends!!! Thanks for making my days brighter! 🙂

What was your favorite post this week???

9 thoughts on “Mushy

  1. all of these posts look awesome. i follow some of the same blogs but a few new ones, so will have to run to check them out!
    i am sorry pretty girl you are feeling a little blue……big blog huggies to you! why dont you do something incredibly fun for yourself, like get a massage or a mani/pedi or just indulge in a fun night out!
    i just blogged about this sort of thing in a nut shell yesterday, but i got a puppy who has absolutely been my saving grace. he has honestly been such a blessing. who would of thunk, right?!
    here’s to a wonderful weekend for you and i hope a big ray of sunshine comes your way VERY VERY SOON!XO

  2. Happy Friday!!!
    I loved all of these. I am going to have to go and check out the ones I haven’t seen. Um, like meatloaf cupcakes?! I am fully intrigued and want to make those!
    Running Off The Reese’s 15 Thing Friday absolutely killed me today, def my fave blog post I’ve seen in a while.

  3. Jill says:

    Make sure that you are getting enough Vitamin B and D to chase away the blues. I find that citrus fruits and spicy incense help me to feel like I am some place warm and sunny when it gets cold and dreary. Republic of Tea makes a Happytime tea which you can order online!!

    If all else fails – there’s always the Bahamas!! 😉

  4. Oh, I made the list! ❤ ❤ ❤ Hey! Guess what I did today? Drove all around town looking for the right wig for my costume. Yep. Panic has begun.

    Did you put that pic of Chad Lowe in there just for me? I think you did. It ruined my life that he married Hillary Swank but then when they got divorced, he redeemed himself a little bit.

  5. Awww – I’m sorry you are feeling blue. You know what would make you feel better? Coming down and running Sarasota with Paula and me 🙂

    Thanks for including me – and I’m glad I could bring back the memories. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Life Goes On… Loved that show too!

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