Fall Family Favorites

Happy Halloween!

I thought I’d share this genuinely terrified picture of me on Saturday night for your Halloween pleasure. You’re welcome. I suppose this is what I get for going to the college bar.

I didn’t have much of a costume, so I went as a witch. With purple hair. Oh-so-creative, right?

So this vampire guy asked if he could take a picture with me, and I was feeling generous, so I agreed. Here I am, just posing for a regular ol’ photo and dude is suddenly touching me and pretending (thank God!) to bite my neck. Not cool, man. Not cool.

My friend, Kim, had an awesome Seniorita costume, and she was much more prepared for photos with randoms. Look how cute she is!

We had a great time being the oldest people at the bar dancing the night away. 😉

Yesterday was filled with pretty much all of my favorite fall activities–and I got to spend it with these two!

My parents and I made the scenic drive out to Dexter, MI yesterday afternoon for a trip to the cider mill!!

This is by far my favorite thing to do in the fall, and I was so excited to go! In Virginia, most people I ran into had no idea what a cider mill was, which seems totally nuts to me. I grew up going every year to get fresh donuts and cider, watch the apples being pressed, and take in the Huron River in back of the mill. THE BEST!!!

And, you know, the REAL reason for going–the cider and donuts! We got a sampler pack . . .


Cinnamon Sugar

And Pumpkin!

Washed down with fresh cider while sitting by the river.

Hard not to like that!

Fun(?) fact: I don’t really like donuts. I know. I’m so weird. Any other time, I would turn a donut down–they’re just not my thing. But cider mill donuts–bring ’em. There’s something about eating a fresh, warm donut with freshly pressed cider on a brisk fall day that makes me all gooey inside. Love it!

After stuffing ourselves full of donuts enjoying the cider mill ambiance, we trekked home for pumpkin carving and a hearty fall meal. Can I just tell you how happy I was to be spending such a perfect fall day in Michigan with my fam?

Red wine, pork roast, and acorn squash = fall happiness. 🙂

Then, we carved!

We had an extra pumpkin (far left) since my little sis was stuck at school studying, so we made it community–I did the eyes, Mom took care of the nose, and Dad gave it a scary mouth. Fun!

All lit up!

We finished the night with some homemade apple crisp! The cider mill had Northern Spy apples, which are awesome for baking. They’re firm and a little bit tart. When you bake them, they get sweeter and soft, but not mushy. Perfection!

Happy Halloween!!!

What’s your favorite scary movie???

I’m not usually a scary movie fan–too much of a wimp! But I did see The Exorcist, and it scared the bejezzus out of me! Anything that could actually happen freaks me out.



17 thoughts on “Fall Family Favorites

  1. I love any excuse to wear a wig. Speaking of which, I’m wearing one at work right now and some guy asked me if I got my hair done. 😐
    I love that last pumpkin the best. The one that got it’s own pic. So cute! And how could you, lover of all desserts, pass up donuts? So wrong. But I guess that means when we finally meet there will be more for me.
    I love all scary movies even though I get nightmares sometimes. I think Demon Knight is my fave. Sounds lame but it’s got the perfect combo of funny and gross. Just like me!

    • Awesome. Yeah, some drunk girl asked me if I was Miley Cyrus. Then she asked if the wig was my real hair. I want your blue wig. Actually, I really want a hot pink spiky Jem and the Holograms wig. Maybe next year!

      That was my pumpkin! Glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Aw that sounds like such a fun and festive weekend! That apple cider trip sounds like so much fun! I would totally love eating those donuts and drinking the cider :). I am not a scary movie fan either so I don’t really have a favorite haha.

  3. I want to come spend Fall with you, it looks way more genuine then our fake falls here! I actually love watching scary movies, but I am 100% wimp afterwards, I get scared REALLY easily and have a very overactive imagination so I tend to see all sorts of creepy things in shadows, etc. Which makes me wonder why I love watching scary movies in the first place…

  4. This sounds like the perfect fall day to me! I’ve never had a pumpkin donut, but at this point I’m about ready to go out and buy a donut mold pan thing just to try them out! YUMMM!. Thanks again for sharing that recipe. It was delicious, and I hope that a few more people found your blog through my post!

  5. First off, you and your mom are total twins. Holy moly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone look so much like their parent. You ladies are too cute!

    Secondly, I can’t watch scary movies. I’ll have nightmares for days… weeks… ok, for years. I’m that scared 😛

    • Ha! Thanks! Some people see our resemblance more than others. My sister looks just like us, too! 🙂

      I am a scary movie wimp, too! I just picked the Exorcist because it’s one of the only scary movies I’ve seen!

  6. Look how cute you guys are! 🙂
    Cider mills are the best. We have a lot of them here in Upstate NY and OMG the donuts! I die. I die.
    Happy Halloween!

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