Oats for Ali

It’s almost Friday!!!! Can you taste it? I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for the weekend! Tomorrow is my little sister’s birthday, so we have lots of celebration-type activities to do! 😀

I’m busy working away at my office today, so I didn’t have time to get pictures of the accent wall together just yet, but let me tell you, it came out GORGEOUS! I am SO excited about it! I even giggled a little when I walked out and saw it this morning. I LOVE IT! Pics tomorrow, mmmmkay? And a crockpot Teriyaki Chicken recipe, too! Stay tuned!

Does anyone remember when I went to Seattle back in April to visit my darling cousin, Alison?

Isn’t she cute??? Anyway, dear Ali is a little hesitant in the kitchen. She’s totally capable, but for some silly reason, she’s intimidated. When I recommended overnight oats to her a few weeks ago, she wanted a little more instruction. It’s easy! So, I present to you:

Overnight Oats for Ali! 🙂

Serves 1

1 yogurt of your choice (you can really use any kind!)

1/4 cup whole rolled oats (not instant, not cooked)

Mix ins: cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa powder, pumpkin, fruit, nuts, granola–whatever!

For this recipe, I used:


Oats, vanilla yogurt, 2 T. canned pumpkin, and about 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice–use more or less depending on how spicy you like it! Since you’re obviously not using the whole can of pumpkin, just store your leftovers in your messy super clean tupperware.


Scoop out some pumpkin–I never measure, just use a cereal spoon, but if you’re nervous, go ahead and measure it out!


Put it into a small resealable plastic container.


Next, add your yogurt on top.


Then, the spice!


Finally, oats!


Mix the whole shebang together (<–how much do you love the word ‘shebang’??? 🙂 )


Pop your lid on top and stick ‘er in the fridge.


The next morning (or even a few hours later), the oats will be soft and pillowy and perfect for breakfast! I like mine just like this, but they’re also great with apple slices for dipping or some fruit stirred in. YUMMMMM!!!

I know a lot of people put milk or protein powder in their Overnight Oats, too, but I like mine thick. This is my perfect recipe!

OK, Al–try it out and report back!

I’ll leave you with that little gem. You’re welcome.

Have you ever made overnight oats? How do you like to have them?


6 thoughts on “Oats for Ali

  1. i still don’t understand why y’all didn’t buy those gems of outfits – you’re totally going to regret that at some point if you don’t already. i love overnight oats, but now i’m afraid it’s getting too cold for them 😦 i’ve been all over the breakfast sandwiches lately though.

  2. Alison says:

    Thanks for the step by step… And the pictures! Those are a must for me to be successful:o) I will test it out tomorrow night after I buy some pumkin!

  3. Girl, I eat overnight oats before every long run. By mine are really simple. Plain oatmeal, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, a little splenda and some cinnamon. Gotta keep that sugar low to keep my belly happy.

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